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05-03-2005 21:25

President Bashar al-Assad of Syria today announced that Syrian troops would start a phased withdrawl from Lebanon. Syria has occupied the country since 1989 when it interceded in the civil war and imposed a ceasefire.

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Neath anti war meeting on tuesday the 8th March

05-03-2005 20:21

Iraq :Bring The Troops Rally in Neath

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From Sidcup To The Euphrates : An Outline Of The World Water Crisis

05-03-2005 19:11

Originally produced in March 2004, this is being posted to UK Indymedia as a related link to the latest blockade of the Coca Cola distribution centre on the outskirts of Bristol. Which is a protest against Coca Cola's abuse of human rights and water resources in Colombia and around the world.

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05-03-2005 18:25

The anti-occupation Iraqi patriotic forces met in Um al-Qura Mosque on February 15, 2005 to discuss the present situation and its implications on all levels.

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Coca Cola distribution plant in Bristol blockaded

05-03-2005 17:59

lock on!
This article is also on UK indymedia, but I am told people can't use it so...

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Azim Ansari Rally at Broad Street, Oxford. Photos & Audio.

05-03-2005 17:33

Up to 150 people turned out on Saturday 5th March to show support for Azim Ansari and his brother Wali, who are facing deportation after their appeal to remain in Britain failed. The rally was held on Broad Street, Oxford.

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Terrorist Myth - Trade Unions & Anticapitalists are Real Target.

05-03-2005 15:50

The State's War Against Terrorism is a Myth. It exists to act as cover for their usual activities, destroying trade unions and the left, and to enable a massive increase in their budgets to carry out these activities.

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85 Year old to embark on 72 hour hunger strike

05-03-2005 15:44

On 14th July last year, Joan Court went on a 48-hour hunger strike outside the site of the proposed animal research laboratory in South Parks Rd. This year she is going a step further and during World Week for Laboratory Animals is to embark on a 72-hour fast, starting at 1pm on Wednesday 20th April and ending at 1pm on Saturday 23rd April.

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Arms Dealers In Cafe Royal-Picadilly London March 14th

05-03-2005 14:46

For those interested in London, arms dealers will be gathering (again) at the Cafe Royal on March 14th to talk about making their weapons of slaughter even worse.

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Indymedia Ireland Report

05-03-2005 13:07

Indymedia Ireland has been unreachable since Friday morning. Do not panic! Our dns record expired but has been renewed and will be back as soon as possible (monday at latest). In the meantime, you can reach us at:

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Town's Forgotten people

05-03-2005 12:07

Living on the brink of despair in ‘affluent’ 21st century Worthing

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Plan: no transplants for Muslims

05-03-2005 12:03

Liberal health-care ban directed primarily at Muslims but may affect Christian groups.

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Critical Mass against climate change and the G8

05-03-2005 12:02

Critical mass bike ride against climate change, pollution and the G8

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Service Providers or Fascist?

05-03-2005 09:37

The good news for Indymedia readers who campaign against social injustice is the ruthless housing association officers and council officers are now reading the postings I am putting onto Liverpool Indymedia. It has also come to my attention that those members of my community known as the cronies are reading it to.

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05-03-2005 08:09

With poodle Tony Blair's general election fraud expected in early May, animal behaviourists are concerned at an apparent spate of canine suicides in Scotland after at least five dogs are said to have thrown themselves from an historic bridge in protest.

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Urgent!! International Support for the workers of Zanon, Argentina!

05-03-2005 07:48

Social movements around the world are watching the struggle of the Zanon workers with great interest and passionate support. This highly successful alternative to the neoliberal status quo should not be repressed or threatened: it should be celebrated, supported, and exported

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BA's three engine flight from LA. Travel editor's commentary

05-03-2005 02:13

On hearing that a crippled on take off BA flight was allowed to continue LA to London, I was enraged. After reading BA's spin on the matter I was moved to post a commentary.

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Support Argentinian workers of Zanon ocupied factory!

05-03-2005 01:04

Pleas sign this petition on support of the Argentinian workers of the ceramics occupied factory Zanon by clicking here
We need your help!!

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Graffiti from around Oxford, pt 11

05-03-2005 00:01

This striking work leaves those of us in the know in no doubt as to its message !

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Hunter S Thompson: The Way He Would Have Wanted It

04-03-2005 22:43

Hunter was at home, surrounded by his gun collection. It was the nearest he ever came to feeling safe in the United States. He was working on his new editorial and had dropped some mescaline about an hour ago in order to "ease the flow of consciousness from concept to human thought and finally into the written word."