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Terrorist Myth - Trade Unions & Anticapitalists are Real Target.

Edward Campbell | 05.03.2005 15:50

The State's War Against Terrorism is a Myth. It exists to act as cover for their usual activities, destroying trade unions and the left, and to enable a massive increase in their budgets to carry out these activities.

“The largest police operation in modern British history is under way. An army of specialist officers from across the country is preparing to help secure the [G8] conference.... Meanwhile, Special Branch is covertly monitoring activists throughout the UK and liaising with national and international security agencies.”

Wrote Tom Wall in “Scotland waits for July riots “, the Newstatesman, Monday 21st February 2005. This short, accurate article is in stark contrast to the ludicrous propaganda that has appeared in the Scottish media, during the run up to Gleneagles.

This is the State, defending what it calls ‘the realm’, against those who oppose its actions, and legitimacy.

The second area of interest to the State, and its security apparatus, is to defend the capitalist economy, or, in other terms: to facilitate the reach of neo-liberalism, both internally, in the UK, and in support of the USA, around the world. Something that Marx predicted that is necessary for the rich to stay that way, and for the poor to literally pay the price.

Of course, the secret apparatus of the state, by definition, does not reveal its true motives; instead it acts under a smokescreen of lies and deceit. History reveals the brutality with which they, and the overt state forces, like the army, carry out their divine mission: the pursuit of profit and wealth for themselves.

The smokescreen used today is ‘The War Against Terror’ (TWAT)- something invented by the current US regime, and unconditionally (well apart from getting access to some of the US’s intelligence resource in return) supported by Blair’s New Labor.

There has been substantial circumstantial evidence that MI5, Special branch - employing overt state institutions like the army and the police, in conjunction with Big Business and other organizations - have been operating in around the country. In fact they, themselves, confirmed this to the press this week.,,1430291,00.html (Yesterday’s Guardian) Coventry Evening Telegraph.

In fact these terrorist arrests are completely bogus. And have been used to justify the security services massive presence in Coventry over the last couple of years. The claims that a new terrorist network has been set up connected with India and Pakistan, to carry out terrorist acts abroad, is ludicrous. In reality, it is an MI5 network of agents. In this case I am not sure whether they have pounced on three completely innocent individuals; or the three have been set up by this MI5 network. Let’s hope the media and lawyers get access to the three and find out the truth.

MI5 claim their first priority is to pursue the war against terror, here in Britain. These really means create terrorists in Britain to getter a bigger budget to use on the usual so called threats. This includes large sums of new money recently given them by New Labour, and the plan to double their size as quickly as possible. This is a myth used as a cover story for other other activities..

The terrorist threat, as is being revealed more and more, has been grossly exaggerated to act as this smokescreen for other activities, that the people of this country would not find acceptable. The facts: there have been no terrorist attacks in this country in recent years, and the dirty bomb scare stores have been discredited, and that such a weapon would do little damage. You can only laugh, if the security services say it’s because they have been so effective.

New Labour Ministers, including Tony Blair - and by implication MI5 and MI6, since they are responsible for providing the government with accurate intelligence - have been proved liars over grossly exaggerating the international terrorist threat from Iraq. They did this to provide US with an ’legitimate’ excuse to invade and gain further control over the world’s most important energy producing region, in a period of international economic uncertainty.

The result has been to create a massive internal terrorist problem, which is acting against an illegal war and occupation. This terrorist problem, that the US and UK, themselves, created is now being used to justify further invasions, and is being used as a smokescreen in Britain to launch huge police operations around Britain on unrelated matters, with a little time spent on presenting a few British terrorists for propaganda purposes. Recently, Blair claimed there were 700, hundred terrorists; whilst MI5 claim about 40, who obviously reflect a more accurate assessment. .

The smokescreen is used locally, in Britain, to target what the capitalists see as a threat to their wealth and privilege. This is something they have always done. Against the Trade Unions, and the Left. The trade Unions have far less power than they did in the 70’s, and the left, as it was, has diminished massively. However, there is a new threat from the left: the Antcapitalist and Global justice Movements.

So now the targets main targets are the Anticapitalist movement and the Trade Unions, to defend the realm (the state), and to defend the economy: allow business to maintain its profits from exploiting people.

In the process, society is destabilized and further alienated, and so requires a tighter and larger state Security apparatus to keep it controlled and obedient - this is what has been happening over the last decades.

It started with the anti-Trade’s Union laws, then Thatcher’s ‘Criminal Justice Act’; and now The New Labor Home Secretary, continues the second phase of this strategy, and wants power to lock up suspected terrorists without trial. Is he such a twit that we are to believe he wants to lock up mythical terrorists; he wants to lock up you and I for holding a different opinion to the those running capitalism, and desperately bombing other countries to save it.

This it the counter-reaction to the collapse of capitalism, to counter and hold back the natural spontaneous revolutionary forces which seek to replace it by a overthrow it.

Back to the current state, and the playing out of those counter-revolutionary forces. The vast majority of MI5’s resources, including the several hundred new recruits, and increased resources have been employed against Trade Unions, and the Anti-capitalist movement. This is to implement New Labour's privatization program in the public sector, which includes reducing Local Authority wage bills, by brutal wage cuts, and reducing the work force. This process will continue in other Local Authorities if they are allowed to get away with it here.

This is very pertinent to what’s happening now in Coventry Council. In fact Stella Manzie, the Chief Executive of Coventry Council, is nothing more than an MI5 stooge, and has been placed here to front the implementation of the program. She will be directly responsible for the industrial action which could take place within a month, in her attempt to cut the wages of over 2,000 mainly low-paid council workers, and in the long term cut all council workers wages, except hers of course: hers will rocket up to 200, 000 no doubt, along with her acolytes.

Over the last year many new recruits to the council have been appointed through her say so, and that of the vast resources of her backers. These are the kind of resources that were used by MI5, and special branch, to break the Unions, including the NUM, in the 1980’s. Remember, the government were prepared to lose billions to break the miners and the NUM.

But in this case its only a hundred million or two; so that many billions worth of business nationally can be handed to the private sector, out of which they can knock off a juicy profit. But council wages must be cut first. In reality, the cuts made in the council wages will in the future go straight into the profits of private business, and all council workers will end up working for Union free private firms, on poor pay and with bad working conditions.

The struggle to fight this disgusting, irresponsible, imposition on the people of Coventry is just starting. We would appreciate any help from the DISSENT, Old Labour and any other networks, or organisations for a day or so, maybe March 16th to protest against the against the neoliberal monster, and to stop these brutal idiots, cutting the wages of a single council worker. Stop it in Cov. and we’ll stop it elsewhere. And we’ll go someway to reducing New Labours majority at the next election.

The Anti-capitalist movement, including DISSENT, are the other targets of the State’s security apparatus. The opening quote from the Newstatesman confirms that, along with the experiences of many of us in recent years. And in the run up to Gleneagles the stakes are raised.

The sort of stuff they get up to is low level disruption, and intimidation: pathetic really, but it has worked very well in the past. I guess, just tighten up security, and do not tolerate any form of disruption. If someone drops a heavy dose of laxative in your beer, it might put you out of action for a few days, but use the time to good effect: you can do a lot of reading on the thrown, apparently. If coppers follow you, go into a pub where they wont get a nice welcome.

We are all terrorists now, if we oppose the government, or fight against irresponsible, unacceptable, totally unjustified pay cuts. Or if we support the poor and oppressesd against the brutal policies of the G8. Well they are spending the huge terrorist budget on us. And being in a Trade Union is now, it seems, a terrorist act.

Hey, we must be dangerous people.

For equality, freedom and true justice.

Ed Campbell

Edward Campbell