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Free Hunza Bread!

26-03-2002 06:45

I see that people are trying to sell this recipe on the
internet and that's not fair. It is to be shared from family
to family like it always has.

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peacefull RTS in sydney central CBD

26-03-2002 02:43

on saturday the 23rd a reletively small crowd of around 1000 managed to block all 6 lanes of oxford st (gay mardi gras st) and all 8 lanes of george st (sydneys main st) for around 9 hours. mounted units and 200+ tactical responce group were on the sidelines but not used to break up this incedible peacefull party.

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Aussies Speak Out

25-03-2002 22:14


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Prepare for Mayday madness

25-03-2002 20:10

Prepare for Mayday madness
mayday, mayday...

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Colombia: latest from Colombia Solidarity Campaign

25-03-2002 18:06

Latest bulletin forwarded from Colombia Solidarity Campaign:

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Follow-up on Yarl's Wood fire

25-03-2002 18:00

Events of 14 February as told to campaigners by detainees

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Century of the Self

25-03-2002 17:57

The BBC 2 controversial documentary hasnt got any reviews here yet.

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Yarlswood - Cyberaction!

25-03-2002 15:28

The Home Office are deporting witnesses to the Yarl's Wood incident, where a detention camp burnt down a few weeks ago. A number of MP's have tabled a Early Day Motion (EDM) to try and stop this. Ncadc is calling for a cyberfax-campaign

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Before you travel to the WSSD Civil Society Global Forum, decide whether it is t

25-03-2002 15:00

There are many activists from all around the world who are planning to travel to Johannesburg South Africa later this year to attend the World Summit on Sustainable Development. A group of First Nations, anti-privatisation and anti-globalisation movements have broken away from the Civil Society forum and will be holding our own conference. The group fears that the civil society forum has been set up to rubber stamp structural adjustment policies for Africa.

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How to get to 'Resistance is Fertile' in The Hague

25-03-2002 14:30

How to get there information for Resistance is Fertile, The Hague, The Netherlands, 8-19th April

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Brussels: 'Socotan' squatt resisting eviction

25-03-2002 13:31

* Brussels, rue d'Angleterre, close to the South Station. The 'Socotan' squatt, opened in October 2001 may be evicted today. About 12 people are leaving there, 20 artists using the space to work or organise activities. Up to now (Monday March 25th // 02:15pm) the police haven's succeeded to evict the squatt. They actually didn't tried much because of the 150-200 persons partying on the street to prevent the eviction. (20 pix + links)

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virtual people smuggler :: destination woomera

25-03-2002 13:30

the first installment of the virtual people smuggler will take you to woomera (australia), where - during the easter weekend of 2002 - a protest festival will address a number of issues that are highlighted in this remote town in the desert of southern australia: internment of sans papier, indigenous struggles for land rights, uranium mining, missile testing, toxic waste dumping, and military surveillance.

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To the ''Mcdonalds Workers Resistance''.

25-03-2002 13:06

We all have a choice ...

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25-03-2002 12:39


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Easton (Bristol) Residents Reclaim their Community from the Muggers

25-03-2002 11:55

Two hundred residents brought communter traffic in Easton, Bristol, to a standstill this [Monday 25th] morning, to draw attention to muggings and street crime and the authorities reluctance to tackle it.

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Unexploded bombs in Kosovo

25-03-2002 10:09


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no civil war planned in iraq

25-03-2002 10:01


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Depleted uranium kills fish in iraq

25-03-2002 09:41


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25-03-2002 09:00

A question which needs an answer is however the following : are journalists killers too...? And the answer is an unequivocal YES. Journalists kill when keeping silent about crimes by their governments and others.
Or help fabricate propaganda supporting wars.

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Picture : the proud parents

25-03-2002 03:24

this one was all over the recent London stop the war demo...