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Another mysterious death of the Turkmen art activist

16-01-2006 12:08

The society of the capital is in deep shock of the murder of Svetlana Dzhafarova – the national artist and the art director of a well-known dance group “Mengli”. She was murdered on January 13th, 2006 in Ashgabat.

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Houses Demolished in Turkmenistan: Happy New Year!

16-01-2006 12:04

New Year’s «house warming parties»
Turkmen authorities have arranged a "cheerful" new year to inhabitants of capital. On December 28-30th, 2005, in three days the two 30-room houses on Turkmenbashy Avenue and some houses on Garashsyzlyk Street have been taken down.

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Belated Newbury nostalgia pics from 10 years ago.

16-01-2006 11:52

Balun(?) spent 2 weeks up this tripod until local rednecks tipped it over
Historical report with pictures from the unprecedented direct action protests against the route clearance destruction for the Newbury bypass 10 years ago. Hopefully this will seem particularly relevant when it has been recently revealed that peak traffic levels in the Berkshire town are now equal to those before the bypass was built - years before this was predicted to actually happen. This proves conclusively - as if there wasn't proof enough - that traffic invariably grows to fill any new road capacity created.

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Remembering Martin Luther King

16-01-2006 11:11


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ATTAC Poland on Remigiusz Okraska and Obywatel magazine

16-01-2006 10:59

This trust was definitely abused by the editorial staff, namely the editor-in-chief, Remigiusz Okraska, who arbitrary without notifying anyone cooperating with the magazine, decided to publish Mahler’s condemned gibberish, thus discrediting all the values the magazine was supposed to represent.

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Brick Lane London E1 Area points out 'a Ruth Kelly' lesson to Alistair Darling

16-01-2006 10:21

CBRUK TODAY [Monday 16 January 2006] asked UK transport secretary Alistair Darling to disclose the evidence of all contacts he has received in his present post from or in the name of the EAST London borough of tower hamlets council and in relation to the Crossrail hole bill.

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EVICTION STARTED at Dalkeith Park (Scotland) Protest Sites

16-01-2006 08:15


Eviction of the four protest sites in Dalkeith Country Park against the construction of the A68 Bypass and the destruction of the River Esk wildlife corridor began this morning.

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Clarence Allen Execution, San Quentin California

16-01-2006 06:34

Hello Friends. We will be live video streaming the Allen Protest at California's San Quentin Prison tomorrow night beginning around 8pm Pacific Standard Time.

Please feel free to link to us. Thank you for your wonderful work.
John Parulis, brightpathvideo

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16-01-2006 05:40

The Bicycle Film Festival is seeking submissions for its sixth annual Festival. The event will feature dozens of different films on a variety of bicycle styles - from BMX to urban bike culture, cycling to commuting.

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2006 Starts with hack attack's on websites focused on situation in Nepal.

16-01-2006 05:31

During the first week of January 2006, and around the same time the Maoist's ceasefire came to an end, the websites of Webchautari and PeaceNepal have been hacked. Now, PeaceNepal noticed a hacker left an image on the Nepal BBS website. So far, each time the hacker(s) attacks, they seem to choose websites with discussion forums concerned about Nepals democracy struggle.

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BUSH can be indited for iraq invasion under ICC as aider and abetter

16-01-2006 05:29

international law expert Francis Boyle explains

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An applicant of political asylum, political prisoner in France!

16-01-2006 03:48

An applicant of political asylum, Akash Mirza, profits from a similar French treatment that of his country, Pakistan

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Prime Minister visits Nottingham University :: Surveillance Operations

15-01-2006 23:04

He was there to announce nuclear policy, [or perhaps the wrong policy]

There was an intensive surveillance operation. This is of course normal these days, but it is indicative that the concept of protest is thought of by the authorities as a potential crime.

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Prime Minister visits Nottingham University :: piccys 2

15-01-2006 22:50

Prime Minister visits Nottingham University :: piccys 2

He was there to announce nuclear policy, [or perhaps the wrong policy]

Hence a number of concerned citizens turned out to protest.

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Prime Minister visits Nottingham University :: piccys 1

15-01-2006 22:43

Prime Minister visits Nottingham University :: piccys 1

He was there to announce nuclear policy, [or perhaps the wrong policy]

Hence a number of concerned citizens turned out to protest.

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portrait of evil

15-01-2006 21:21

corruption in America

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BNP scum in Leeds next week

15-01-2006 20:33

Stop this! Press release form BNP aparantly having protests next week in Leeds as Nick Griffin goes on trial

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The Bush Who Cried Wolf

15-01-2006 19:48

Since support for the Fascists creating our current crises has dwindled so greatly, it's become very easy to identify just who is responsible, and why. Take detailed notes.

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Venezuela's Jews Defend Leftist President in Flap Over Remarks

15-01-2006 19:45

Once again, the Jewish Community demonstrates the wide gulf between itself and the Zionist organizations which speak to their own interests, manipulating the name of Jews while doing it.

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Give Me Some Answers and I will Change my Mind

15-01-2006 19:44

We hear about a network of Israeli art students moving freely through government buildings in Washington. Only someone very stupid or very frightened would fail to make the connection that Israel is deeply involved in the bad things happening to America.

We move along to Jack Abramoff. We move along to Mohammed Atta and his associates being on a Jack Abramoff gambling boat.