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Another mysterious death of the Turkmen art activist

Glaz | 16.01.2006 12:08 | Repression | World

The society of the capital is in deep shock of the murder of Svetlana Dzhafarova – the national artist and the art director of a well-known dance group “Mengli”. She was murdered on January 13th, 2006 in Ashgabat.

Svetlana Dzhafarova was a recognized and favored by authority (by the president) cultural activist of Turkmenistan and her dance group has travelled around the world. The dance group was somewhat a business card of the country; they performed at solemn concerts for the government and foreign diplomats.

As we were infromed by a good source, her body was found at the entrance of the house where she lived, in city center not far from a former “Mir” cinema. Based on the words of her older son, the body of his mother had obvious traces of strangling, her chest was covered by dark blue spots, showing that the victim was trying to resist and defend herself.

The official authority denies a violent death. After an autopsy, the forensic medical examination experts have drawn the conclusion about sudden death from cardiac arrest, ostensibly the art director of the dance group suffered heart insufficiency.

However nobody, especially the close relatives, believe this story. Everyone remembers, the mysterious death of the head of Russian dramma theater named after A. S. Pushkin (we wrote about this and all the following events on 19.10.2005, the note #150, on 31.10.2005 the note #156, and on 20.12.2005, the note # 183). And now, after three months another death of a strangled artist. Perhaps the reason of this murder was internal "fights" that existed in the philarmony, the main head of which, a well-known singer Jemal Saparova, was dismissed from her postion in December. Other ideas are still not known.