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'Caminos De Resistencia' film festival

09-02-2005 12:29

Indymedia cinema presents...

'Caminos De Resistencia(Paths Of Resistance)' a Latin America film festival in London

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Campaign Against Prison Slavery Picket Of Leeds Wilkinson's

09-02-2005 11:02

Next CAPS picket in Leeds.

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Week of action against Iraq Plunder

09-02-2005 09:00

Windrush Communications Wanted for Facilitating the crime of Plunder
A week of action is being called for 1 - 6 April to oppose the corporate plunder of Iraq. A leaflet is available, the text of which is reproduced below. More details can be found at

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09-02-2005 02:21

Many fo you may have seen the Daily Mirrors recent expose on a Mr. Abu Abdullah from Finsbury Park Mosque. If you haven't you can read it here.

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Phone action: EDO/MBM

09-02-2005 00:35

A little bird tells me that Wednesday 9th February is phone EDO/MBM day. Thats EDO/MBM, manufacturers of bomb release mechanisms, on 01273 810500

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7 Feb – Bristol Stop the war...or election rally?

09-02-2005 00:16

Further to your previous newswire report at here's another view of the Bristol STW rally on 7 Feb.
The turnout of 700+ was amazing, and testament to BSTW's ongoing independence and hard campaigning work. However, a lot of people were drawn to see their old MP Benn, and will they have been motivated to do anything else after this meeting?

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The 635 Group - Fighting Fascism In West Yorkshire

09-02-2005 00:00

West Yorkshire's militant anti-fascist group and Antifa's Northern section go public:

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G8: Summat for the Summit

08-02-2005 19:00

The G8-summit is coming to Britain in July. This is going to be a big event. We need to organise now.

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08-02-2005 18:46

Come to Shakedown*05! This will be a very large non-profit event, featuring numerous acts. It's part of the G8-activities.

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Palestine Action Workhop next Monday - Brighton

08-02-2005 18:44

Monday Febuary 14th - Palestine Action Workshop. 7.30pm at the Clermont Room, Brighthelm Centre, North Road, Brighton.

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Smash EDO Campaign Day this Saturday

08-02-2005 18:34

Brighton Quakers and Smash EDO have been working together to bring you a campaign day at the Friends Meeting House on Ship St on Saturday 12 Febuary from 12 noon


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February 15th - alternative to StWC action

08-02-2005 16:53

Remember February 15th, 2003… the big peace protest?
Now more than ever we need that spirit back.

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Canadian Government Seek to Overturn Global Moritorium on Terminator Technology

08-02-2005 16:31

Canadian government seek to overturn global moritorium on commercialisation of GM sterile seed AKA Terminator Technology

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Seedy Sunday Brighton 2005

08-02-2005 15:38

Seedy Sunday held their fourth community seed swap at The Old Market in Hove on Sunday 6 February, just in time for gardeners to get their fresh seed in for the new growing season.

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EU software patent directive postponed

08-02-2005 15:35

Following a lack of support from the Polish government, the EU software patent directive has now been postponed - the struggle for the right to develop free software continues...

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'Yes Men' Film Preview + Q&A Tour - dates and info

08-02-2005 15:02

The Yes Men film follows a couple of anti-corporate activist-pranksters as they impersonate World Trade Organization spokesmen on TV and at business conferences around the world...

These, you may remember, are the same folks who pulled the fake union carbide / Dow Chemicals spokesperson interviews on BBC TV when they apologised for the Bhopal disaster and said they would pay compensation.

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Snow, Alcohol and Brothels in Afghanistan

08-02-2005 15:01

Clearing snow off roof
Not many security incidents but intelegence about possible kidnappings. Heavy snow may be factor. Crack down on alcohol and brothels recently. These contributions by the international community not welcome in some quaters.

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Propaganda And The BBC

08-02-2005 14:34

A detailed analysis of some of the politics of BBC reporting, using Noam Chomsky and Edward Herman's book Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media as an analytical tool.

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Nill points for Clarke

08-02-2005 13:58

Nill points for Clarke

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ESF Trial this friday

08-02-2005 13:44

This friday is the trial of an italian activist arrested & charged during the ESF in London in October. He is charged with:

1. assaulting police (Section 89(1) Police Act 1996)
Bow Street Magistrates Court, 28 Bow Street, London WC2E 7AS (nearest tube: Covent Garden) 10am start