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28-02-2006 07:23

European human rights groups are trying to get governments to look into this.
The US and European governments dare to deny this smoking-gun photographic evidence that:
1.--The CIA has been sneaking its prisoners in and out of Europe on cargo transport planes.
2.--CIA and foreign spy agencies work out of the same office (CTIC) in 31 countries.
3.--USA and European Union have an agreement for torture flights. Here is last copy left on the Web.
4.--Here are key passages of USA - EU torture pact. Here's how to download the rest.
Public needs this information. News writers need this information. Investigators need it.

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To the people of Dalston

28-02-2006 03:26

It' s time for us (the people who are occupying the theatre) to tell you why we are here. And why we decided to do our bit to resist the demolition of these houses, the theatre behind, and the gentrification of the wider Dalston area all around us that for years has been part of your lives.

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Memory Against Forgetting– An Open Letter on the "Green Scare"

28-02-2006 02:24

In the wake of the FBI "Operation Backfire" crackdown on Earth Liberation activists, how can the radical environmental movement resist infiltration and division and best defend to those already indicted, subpoenaed or harassed, as well as those indictments to come.

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Factory Farms Blamed for Spread of Bird Flu

28-02-2006 01:49

by Geoffrey Lean

Factory farming and the international poultry trade are largely responsible for the spread of bird flu, and wild birds are being unfairly blamed for the disease, a new report says.

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Twenty years ago today: the assassination of Olof Palme

28-02-2006 01:29

Today, February 28, 2006, social democrats all over the world mourn the assassination of Olof Palme, the last of the great Swedish social democrats. This article discusses the murder.

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samarra and the smoking gun: proof it was not the 'insurgents'

28-02-2006 01:16

The Smoking Gun

By Mike Whitney

02/27/06 "ICH" -- -- The AFP is reporting that the bombing of the Golden Domed Mosque “was the work of specialists” and that the “placing of explosives must have taken at least 12 hours.”

Construction Minister Jassem Mohammed Jaafar said, “Holes were dug into the mausoleum’s four main pillars and packed with explosives. Then charges were connected together and linked to another charge placed just under the dome. The wires were then linked to a detonator which was triggered at a distance.”

Clearly, the bombing was not carried out by rogue elements in the disparate Iraqi resistance.

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REGIONAL and BRISTOL Stop-The-War NEWS : March 2006

27-02-2006 23:58


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Helena Kennedy's remotes from Khoodeelaar! shows her stunt is empty

27-02-2006 21:08

The Crossrail Bill in the House of Commons, London contains in one piece every facet of the state and its authoritarian plan against the people. No elected holder of public office including the patronaged members of the UK House of Lords has spoken out against the Crossrail Bill in the way that Bethnal Green and Bow MOP George Galloway has done. Top understand why that is it is important examine the evidence of the role played by today's 'Red Baroness' Helena Keeny and her likes.

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European Students' Summit.

27-02-2006 18:05

Education as we know is dying. The changes that already are in going on and those that will be in the next months will turn the social right that represents the Education in a product that can be bought and be sold. Good examples of these facts are the Bologna Process and the different changes in laws that are carrying out the Governments and

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A new idea on how to progress towards ecological sustainability?

27-02-2006 17:02

A recent idea I've had on moving towards ecological sustainability, through what is effectively a (more-)politically radical means; and is one I'm to carry out soon. It is written in an article-type-style - intended for a few eco-publications. I hope it is of interest & inspiration.

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Tesco Shepton Mallet Tree Protest Evicted

27-02-2006 16:56

Forces of darkness evicted the site at 5am this morning...

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Press Infiltration Of Nazi November 9th Society

27-02-2006 16:15

Worth a read, but take it with a pinch of salt.

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Watercycling The Palm islands of Dubai

27-02-2006 15:56

waterbike action
A novel new way of highlighting human right and environmental issues using a water bicycle story of a developing business plan, in which campaign issues are embedded with research links to businesses that will help anyone considering a business start up in Dubai. or searching for holiday activities.

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Austria, Hitler and Howard’s Australia

27-02-2006 15:53

Pauline Hanson recently announced on news radio that her political views have been “vindicated”; she cited the overt racist attitudes of John Howard and Peter Costello as proof of her claim. Who could deny it? Hanson’s imprisonment on trumped-up charges was an act of political assassination instigated by Howard but executed by his then errand boy, Tony Abbott. Hanson’s trial and subsequent imprisonment effectively eliminated her and her party from the Australian political landscape; mainstream racist ideology was re-established in its rightful home, the white Australian conservative ultra-right Liberal Party of Howard! The world watches Australia take a giant leap backwards as Howard continues to divide the nation.

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27-02-2006 14:59

Throughout January tens of thousands of workers went on wildcat strikes in key industrial areas, smashing machinery, paralyzing exports and production lines at foreign-owned companies. Finally the government pacified their ire with a soothing forty per cent minimum wage increase.

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Urban poor give Irish cops a kicking!

27-02-2006 13:54

riot 1
Saturday saw a major riot in Dublin in response to an attempted Loyalist 'Love Ulster' march through the main street of the capital. For three hours hundreds rioted in the city centre, banks and shops were attacked and looted and cars were set on fire.
Loads of links in main article below..

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Department of Justice still after Google

27-02-2006 12:39

Evil google is trying to hold on to the last scraps of it's integrity by holding out against the Bush administration over handing over search logs...

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Fairtrade Fortnight launch party in Birmingham

27-02-2006 12:37

Party to kick-off Fairtrade Fortnight in Birmingham, and forge links in the Birmingham poltical community. Takes place on Friday, 3rd March, from 7pm, at Cafe One, on Birmingham's Broad Street.

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Sustainable Communities Action Forum London - Saturday 4th March - 6pm

27-02-2006 11:39

St Matthias ( Covergence ) Centre, Bullivant St, London E14 0ER.
DLR: All Saints. Buses: 15, 108, 115, 277, D6, D7, D8.