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London Truth Action: February Street Actions

09-03-2009 18:25

February 28th: Outside the Convention on Modern Liberty
London Truth Action are part of an international autotomous grassroots organisation committed to raising awareness of the true nature of the events of September 11th 2001.

What follows is a brief round-up of what we got up to this month...

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Viva Palestina convey enters Gaza at last

09-03-2009 17:16

And they entered side by side like heroes, some on foot some in their vehicles, tears, smiles, hugs, flowers. It was historic, it was legendary. Gaza we are here. We have fulfilled the promise - Viva Palestina! The lifeline from the people of Britain to you, the people of Gaza, has arrived.

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UK media suppressed Phorm survey and article, 2009

09-03-2009 16:59

Which? magazine, The Telegraph, Google/UK Press Association and Channel 4 have all pulled articles over Phorm Inc. (BT/Webwise) legal threats.

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Attack the arms factories - Solidarity with the EDO defendants

09-03-2009 16:22

EDO MBM is a daughter company of ITT America. ITT are the 12th largest
manufacturers of weapons in the world, currently producing electrical
equipment designed and used for warfare world wide.

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FIT at Tibet march London

09-03-2009 16:15

CW 3055
Forward intelligenge monitoring peaceful demo on 7-2-09

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Days of action against Detention Profiteer - CgMs mass email

09-03-2009 16:11

This is an invitation to take part in a mass email action TOMORROW against detention profiteer, CgMs Consulting, following on from today's successful phone blockade. CgMs are acting as planning consulants for the proposed new migrant prison near Bicester, and we want to persuade them to drop the project.

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Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) official annual report for 2007-2008

09-03-2009 16:02

The ISC oversees the activities of GCHQ, MI5 and MI6.

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Palestine Today 030909

09-03-2009 15:41


Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for Monday, March 9th, 2009.

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Location of G20 Summit pre-meet for Finance Ministers

09-03-2009 15:28

Next weekend the 89-room South Lodge Hotel and its 93-acre grounds will be turned into a fortress to guard the world’s top financial leaders meeting for a controversial summit.

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Free The EDO Two

09-03-2009 15:19

Resisting War Crimes Is Not a Crime

Free Robert Alford and Elijah James Smith.


21st March 4 till 5.30, Horfield Prison, Cambridge Road off Gloucester Road, Bristol. Meeting at Golden Lion at 3pm onwards.

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Fifty Years On - Tibetan Freedom March, London, March 7

09-03-2009 14:02

The Venerable Palden Gyatso
The Tibet Freedom march through London on Saturday marked the 50th anniversary of the 1959 Tibetan People's Uprising. Among those taking part was a monk who was tortured and spent 33 years imprisoned for taking part in those peaceful demonstrations. Pictures Copyright (C) 2009 Peter Marshall, all rights reserved.

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home-made bomb detonated at athens citibank

09-03-2009 13:49

corporate media report on what appears to be latest action by revolutionary struggle.

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Viva Palestina: The convoy expects to cross into Gaza today

09-03-2009 13:19

The convoy has started to move out of the two car parks in Al Arish and onto the road to Rafah. At 7.55 (GMT) George's party reported that the first of the two car parks was now almost empty. It took 90 minutes for all the vehicles to leave. They were waiting for the second group of vehicles to get on the road. George intended his vehicle to be the last to leave - to ensure the safe departure of the entire convoy.

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Recent media coverage of 1984 miners strike

09-03-2009 12:32

Lesley Boulton at Orgreave © John Harris
Former Euro-communist Martin Jacques, with an article in The Guardian, , has joined a long line of media commentators who have used the 25th anniversary of the start of the 1984 miners strike to pour excreta over Arthur Scargill. With their demonization of Scargill it is difficult not to conclude the media’s main aim is to re-write the history of the strike. Reading these articles you will need to look hard to find a condemnation of Thatcher, or the then LP leader Neil Kinnock's disgraceful betrayal of trade unionists in struggle.

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One Law For All - No Sharia Law in Britain

09-03-2009 11:31

North Terrace, Trafalgar Square
Over 200 people turned up in Trafalgar Square on Saturday afternoon (7 March) for a rally against the introduction of Sharia Law to the UK before marching to a public meeting at Conway Hall. Photographs Copyright (C) 2009 Peter Marshall, all rights reserved.

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Born stupid: Joss Garman declares war on the old

09-03-2009 11:02

"This is not youthful rebellion. We see the catastrophe ahead. Climate change has provoked a war between the generations. Younger members of the government need to choose their side." - Joss Garman, The Observer, Sunday, 8 March 2009

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police protecting crime editor of sun from facing justiin discriminating coverup

09-03-2009 10:46

police are refusing to charge crime editor of the sun mike sullivan and are protecting him from facing justice even though he admitted under oath his convictions of violence and affray t before judge and jury in a trail in whichhe made an attempt to frame victom with the allegations , the victom however used their evidence and cctv to secure enough proof to bring conviction to accuser, but police are refusing to charge saying justice was done,

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*Second attempt to remove Kadesh Desturi Swedi*

09-03-2009 08:03

Kadesh Desturi Swedi a national of DR Congo a resident of Wolverhampton is currently detained in Oakington IRC and due to be forcibly removed from the UK on Friday 13th March on Ethiopean Airways flight ET701 from London Heathrow @ 21:00 to Addis Ababa and on to DR Congo.

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Obama, this is no economic crisis, it is the systemic breakdown of capitalism

09-03-2009 02:44

Let us touch the emancipatory sublime, let us get out of the capitalist rat holes, imperialist sewerage systems and corporate quagmires and reach out for the stars -- per aspera ad astra!

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Slaughter houses in UP creates problems for the Society - PFA Haryana

09-03-2009 02:39
OIPA & PFA Haryana asking UP Govt. to closed down all illegal slaughter houses in UP along with the treatment, care & shelter for stray animals with out any further delay.