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50 Greenpeace activists inside a Kent power station.

08-10-2007 17:42

According to this report I just found, there's some fun happening in Kent today. Apparently 50 people got inside Kingsnorth power station and are using a variety of tactics in an attempt to keep it offline long enough to take it off the national grid.
Here's the report from BBC, and also see the Greenpeace website

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Evidence Of FBI And CIA Death Messagings

08-10-2007 17:09

The fbi and the cia have many ways to threaten, intimidate, or otherwise communicate with the Target of their homicidal plots. One method is to send suggestions via the site meter of a website owned and managed by the Target himself. The following report shows how this is done and at the same time reveals the cowardly nature of the global hoodlums sometimes referred to as the fbi/cia.

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XL airways refuse to carry deportees - Home Office Panic!

08-10-2007 17:06

XL Airways ;
"... we operated one flight in February to DR Congo as part of this
contract, without full understanding of the political dimensions
involved. Our chief executive [Phillip Wyatt] had made it quite clear
to all concerned that we will not be operating any further flights of
this nature ... We are not neutral on the issue and have sympathy for
all dispossessed persons in the world, hence our stance."

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Occupied London issue two is out!

08-10-2007 16:56

Autumn 2007, 48pp. Free!

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One male arrested in Parliament Square 5:15pm

08-10-2007 16:55

One male arrested in Parliament Square around 5:15 pm I did not see the reason for the arrest

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17:15 at Parliament Sq

08-10-2007 16:37

Most of the protesters still in the Square although an attempt was made to march of in the direction of Westminster Bridge.

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The Romanesia Project is now underway

08-10-2007 16:29

A project aimed at ensuring the Roma and Sinti gypsies an easier coexistence with the Italian population; the opportunity to live in real homes or areas with adequate facilities; the chance for children and young people to have access to an education (though not the present system, which is culturally invasive, despotic and the bearer of further prejudice) and the possibility of finding work.

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Sign the pledge for action against an attack on Iran

08-10-2007 16:22

Non-Violence at work

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Edinburgh Temporary Autonomous Arts Exhibition

08-10-2007 15:59

FREAK, the Free and Reactive Edinburgh Arts Kollective, are transforming a derelict warehouse in Granton into an arts venue for a four day event from the 10th to the 14th of October. There will be art exhibitions, live music, performances, films and educational workshops.

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Parliament Square 4.15pm. GLA barriers down.

08-10-2007 15:33

Grass area taken.

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Fence down at parliament sq

08-10-2007 15:30

During today's Stop the War demo large numbers of protesters who had previously occupied the road turned their attention to the fence surrounding Parliament Square green. In the surreal scenes that followed 3/4 of the controversial fence were ripped down and stacked neatly.

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Regional Anti-War Newsletter: South & South West, Wales & West Midlands: Oct/Nov

08-10-2007 15:03


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Palestine Today 100807

08-10-2007 14:58

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Centre,, for Monday October 8th, 2007.

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Parliament Square 3.40pm

08-10-2007 14:43

Protesters break out.

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Benefit Night For Leeds Anarchist Black Cross

08-10-2007 14:29

A Bonnie & Clyde themed fundraiser for Leeds ABC.

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Dutch antifascists picketing against the Hungarian Guard

08-10-2007 14:27

The Hungarian Guard (Magyar Gárda)
On Sunday, the 21st of October, the far right Hungarian Guard plans to initiate 630 new members into its ranks.

Because of this, the Dutch Project Group Stop The Hungarian Guard! gathers on the 19th of October for a picket line at 14:00 hours at the Hungarian embassy in The Hague.

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March arrives in Parliament Square 2.55pm

08-10-2007 14:01

Loads of cops. Marchers behind barriers.

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We'll Get You Later

08-10-2007 13:32

an unusual turn of events in Copenhagen

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Watch This Space

08-10-2007 13:00

Watch this space later

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Photos of Blockade of Manchester airport Terminal 3

08-10-2007 12:52

Airport Blockaders
These stills show that it is very possible to get into your local airport and blockade the security section for Domestic flights.