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dublin students walkout

14-03-2003 21:15

(VIDEO)over 100 second level students gathered outside the dail today to demonstrate their opposition to the current crisis in iraqui and to tell their government that they do not speak for them (article 1)

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Tony Blair in the Garden of Gethsemane

14-03-2003 21:15

Mr. Blair is in the garden of Gethsemane, praying for someone to take this cup away from him. Unfortunately for Tony, it will not happen that way. If Mr. Blair wants to avoid crucifixion, he will have to remove that cup on his own. There is a way.

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JAMES PETRAS speaks in London on globalisation

14-03-2003 21:09

JAMES PETRAS speaks at the LSE on imperialist globalisation and the struggle against Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA/ALCA)

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14-03-2003 21:00

Press Release: 14th March 2003
Thirty B52 Support Vehicles Disabled at RAF Fairford

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Carnival Against Oil Wars and Climate Chaos - March 24

14-03-2003 20:45

You are invited to be part of a Carnival Against Oil Wars and Climate Chaos
outside BP's Annual General Meeting on April 24th 2003 at the Royal Festival Hall, Belvedere Road, South Bank, London.

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Concern over possible far-right presence at Keele University

14-03-2003 20:20

There has been a number of worring incidents in Keele University that may be due to a far-right group causing trouble, and attempting to undermine the left-wing groups campaigns against the war.

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So much for the democracy domino

14-03-2003 18:42

Leaked US State Deaprtment report says that overthrowing Saddam Hussein is not likely to bring democracy to the region, indeed democratic expression is likely to be anti-American.

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An open letter to the anti-war movement

14-03-2003 18:01

We've not really been at peace these last twelve years, have we? Routine Western military activity in northern and southern Iraq has continued without pause since the conclusion of the Gulf War - why is this? To "secure Iraqi oil"? No - it's because each region is populated by ethnic minorities that have been persecuted and would be subject again to genocidal state policies if those patrols came to an end.

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more anti-war posters

14-03-2003 15:29


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Reports of B-2 Stealth Bomber deployments are incorrect

14-03-2003 13:40

Reports of B-2 Stealth Bomber deployments are incorrect
Reports of B-2 Stealth Bombers heading for Fairford are incorrect, according to The Gloucestershire Weapons Inspectors. Which just goes to show you shouldn't believe every(any)thing you read in the papers. Picture below shows the only recent visit of a B-2 to Fairford.

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Schoolkids excluded for anti-war demo

14-03-2003 13:21

Six pupils who walked out of school last week to take part in an anti-war demonstration have been suspended for two months.

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14-03-2003 12:51

This is how these people behave after all our Jack Straw's done for them, handing mass murderer Pinochet back and all..!!!

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No to Comic Relief

14-03-2003 12:49

Picket the BBC.

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National Student Day of Action Against War - Wed March 19th

14-03-2003 12:05

National Student Day of Action Against War - Wed March 19th
Student protests like the school students protests on Wed 5th March are vital if we're going to stop the war

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14-03-2003 11:50


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Markets rally with rumours of a surrender...

14-03-2003 10:21

Surrender or war very likely within days..

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Equitorial Guinea - US to go there!?

14-03-2003 09:17

Equatorial Guinea was of so little interest to the
USA that they closed their embassy there in the 80s. Now
those Americans have changed their minds. Find out why...

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Who armed Saddam?

14-03-2003 07:15

The truth about Saddam's arms

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14-03-2003 04:39

Richard Perle, one of the most outspoken war party figures in and around the Bush Administration, has been caught in a $100-million attempted blackmail ``sheik-down'' of the Saudis, which could land him in jail.

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Pope, others portray possible strike on Iraq as criminal, immoral

14-03-2003 03:08

"unilateral military strike would be a 'crime against peace' with no justification on grounds of self-defense."