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Hebron hills - Vandalized Palestinian car by the occupation forces

22-10-2009 19:53

Following B. Tselem's intervention, the army opened a military police investigation into the vandalizing of cars in the southern Hebron hills and suspended two officers suspected of involvement. On 12-13th of October, B'Tselem documented 8 cars used to transport Palestinian workers that were vandalized, allegedly by soldiers
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Novartis Halloween Demo - 31st October

22-10-2009 19:53

Saturday 31st October | Sussex - UK

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Climate Change Disinformation

22-10-2009 19:43

Regular readers of Indymedia will be well aware of the concerted disinformation campaigns that this site has been subjected to and which the site admins struggle to keep on top of. One of the issues which has been targeted with disinformation is climate change and with a few days to go before the 24th October 2009 International Day of Climate Action the following article on the matter of climate change disinformation from the scientists at is worth a read.

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Resist the FreeShop Eviction in London!

22-10-2009 19:38

Non Commercial House has received 12 hours notice for it's eviction after losing the court case last Thursday. At around 5pm an 'Advanced Notice of Possession of Land' was received from Marston High Court Enforcement Officers & Certified Bailiffs stating that occupiers are required to leave within the next 12 hours, before Friday 23rd October, 0800 hrs. Come and stay the night tonight at 165 Commercial Street ahead of the eviction or head down in the morning before 8am.

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Palestine Today 102209

22-10-2009 18:20


Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Centre,, for Thursday October 22nd, 2009.

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Next One Leather Go Fur-Free After Protests

22-10-2009 17:14

Today, campaigners turned up at the Next One Leather store in Leeds to continue the spree of regular demonstrations outside the shop and to protest their sale of fur.

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Manchester Students support the Postal strike

22-10-2009 15:39

Over 16 students went down at 7am to picket lines in Manchester to show support for the postal strike.

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Oxford climate activists strike again!

22-10-2009 15:06

Shell's high-profile annual recruitment event at Oxford's Randolph Hotel was disrupted last night when members of the audience invaded the stage and took over the event. Around 20 campaigners from Thames Valley Climate Action [1] targeted the 6.30pm event in protest at the company's major involvement in Canada's Tar Sands, as well as their collusion in human rights abuses in Nigeria and Ireland, their destructive drilling in the Arctic, and their contribution to climate change.

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Hate comes to Herefordshire

22-10-2009 14:56

A plush country house hotel in Herefordshire will knowingly host a fundraising dinner for the British National Party, Searchlight can reveal.

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'Everyone To The Streets' - new Greek Uprising 2008 book out now

22-10-2009 14:20

'Everyone To The Streets: Communiques and Texts from the Streets and Occupations' - a new book produced by some people in and around 56a Infoshop about the riots and struggles in Greece last year!

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Offering anti-fascist and anti-Islamist resistance in London

22-10-2009 14:00

When Islam for the UK, a front for the Islamist militant group Al-Muhajiroun, announced their intention to "March for Shariah," I put out a plea on Indymedia that the march "must be met with opposition, not from the fascists of the far-right, but from those whose resistance is grounded in working-class unity, anti-fascism, and anti-capitalism." There have been several small, but hopeful, developments since then...

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A Postal Strike In Britain Is The War At Home

22-10-2009 13:29

The postal workers’ struggle is as vital for democracy as any national event in recent years. The campaign against them is part of a historic shift from the last vestiges of political democracy in Britain to a corporate world of insecurity and war. If the privateers running the Post Office are allowed to win, the regression that now touches all lives bar the wealthy will quicken its pace. A third of British children now live in low-income or impoverished families. One in five young people is denied hope of a decent job or education.

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Iran makes significant concession to defuse nuclear standoff

22-10-2009 13:26

After three days of haggling in Vienna, a draft agreement was finalised yesterday to ship the bulk of Iran’s low-enriched uranium to Russia and France for further enrichment and processing into fuel for its research reactor in Tehran. The talks conducted under the auspices of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) involved the US, Russia, France and Iran.

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Please Support Your Local Strikers

22-10-2009 12:29

Along with postal workers set to stage a 24hr walk-out on Friday (which means that Yorkshire may see Postal Workers, Bin Workers, Fire Fighters, Bus Drivers all on strike this Friday) the media are predicting another ‘Winter of Discontent’, BUT WE HAVE EVERY REASON TO BE F***ING DISCONTENT!

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Colnbrook blockaders' arrest 'was unlawful'

22-10-2009 10:58

soon after the start of the blockade
For immediate release:
Judge: Colnbrook blockaders' arrest was unlawful

22 October 2009

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Demonstrate in solidarity with Iraqi hunger strikers

22-10-2009 10:06

No Deportations to Iraq - Release the hunger strikers now!

Demonstrate at the Home Office: 2 Marsham Street, London, SW1P 4DF. Nearest tubes: Westminster, Victoria.
Monday, 26th Oct, 4:30-6:30pm

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Rossport Update - Illegal Shell Works halted for a Day

22-10-2009 08:57

Today, Wednesday 21 October, Shell to Sea stopped work at an illegal Shell site for the entire day when a campaigner climbed onto the arm of a digger which was laying bog mats, in preparation for drilling works.

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Day Of Action

22-10-2009 00:16

Day of protest against the fur trade in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

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US & Israel preparing for Iran attack - the Juniper Cobra drill

22-10-2009 00:10

Its extremely simple
With Obama as president, will Capitalist America continue to embark on the road to global domination - regardless of whether-or-not their methods are at times somewhat ineffective?

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BNP Nazi Nick Griffin to go on BBC at secret BBC location say BBC

21-10-2009 23:53

Nazi Nick Griffin of the BNP has been invited by the BBC to go on Question Time. The BBC want to defend his democratic right. It was this type of platform that led to Nazi Germany slaughter. The BBc has said that they are so afriad of protesters having all entrances into the BBC at Wood Lane covered that they intend to film at a secret location. BBC London is near Great Portland St and at Portland Place.