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BNP Nazi Nick Griffin to go on BBC at secret BBC location say BBC

anon | 21.10.2009 23:53 | Anti-racism | Migration | Social Struggles

Nazi Nick Griffin of the BNP has been invited by the BBC to go on Question Time. The BBC want to defend his democratic right. It was this type of platform that led to Nazi Germany slaughter. The BBc has said that they are so afriad of protesters having all entrances into the BBC at Wood Lane covered that they intend to film at a secret location. BBC London is near Great Portland St and at Portland Place.

There is every chance that the BBC could film Question Time at BBC London at Great Portland Street, Euston Road [a minutes walk from Great Portland Street tube], head east towards Kings Cross and it's just past the pub.
Their other BBC loaction is at Portland Place, nearest tube Regents Park.

The BNP are not a democratic political party. They include members covered in swastika tattoos, people from Combat 18 [they say they don't but they do] and have members who have been convicted of terrorist bombings.

If they were a Muslim party who blew people up they would not get on Question Time like this. Hizb - ut - Tahrir [who have not blown people up and are not a party] are proscribed in the UK under terror legislation for holding extreme views. So why have the BNP not been proscribed instead of being allowed seats?