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Audio interview at womens prision noise demo

12-03-2004 14:18

Here is a short audio interview in MP3 format. It's only 1.8mb in size, 22khz, mono.

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Plymouth Gender Equality Group Meeting

12-03-2004 12:55

We will be having our first meeting on Saturday 20th March

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Instincts in Madrid

12-03-2004 12:48

How it feels to be in Madrid at the moment.

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Cause of death of Dr David Kelly

12-03-2004 12:25

Dr Kelly
Dr, Coroner and Lawyer Michael J. Powers writes a letter to 'The Times' to ask that the inquest into the death of Dr. David Kelly be re-opened.

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Equatorial Guinea TV to air 'mercenary' confession

12-03-2004 12:05

The department of foreign affairs says that their investigations indicate that there were weapons on board an aircraft impounded in Harare, Zimbabwe.

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12-03-2004 11:06

You are being misled!

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Boycott Marks and Spencer!

12-03-2004 10:11

Boycott of Zionist Marks and Spencer continues on the Streets of London.

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911 Days after 9/11

12-03-2004 08:34

What a accident!

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Call to Initiate a Social Forum Process for the East Anglia / Regions

12-03-2004 05:23

This proposal was originated and endorsed at the recent AGM of Colchester Peace Campaign, attended by around 40 people. Activists from local movements resisting war, racism, GM crops, the commodification of education and privatisation, plus others, wish to initiate / join / expand the social forum process amongst movements in the east Anglian / Essex region.

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Madrid Statement of AlQaeda; please translate from Spanish some1?

12-03-2004 02:17

Hi all, if someone could translate this to English it would be much appreciated, think I've already got the basic gist, but a thorough job would be brilliant thanks.

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Spanish version of September 11 (by Latuff)

12-03-2004 01:49

Copyright-free artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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call: Transnational hackmeeting - share, meet, think

12-03-2004 01:34

this call for a transnational hackmeeting in june this year was found on the hubproject website:

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BLAG 9002 Released

12-03-2004 01:23

BLAG Linux and GNU by the Brixton Linux Action Group has been released. BLAG is a GNU/Linux distro by activists for activists.

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12-03-2004 00:50

A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion recorded from a shortwave radio. 2 files- broadcast quality (13.2MB) and quick download (3.3MB). With times and freqs for listening at home. Free to rebroadcast. Netherlands, China, Russia, and Cuba.

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Balata Tour & Leeds Bradford Launch Fliers

11-03-2004 22:36

Leeds Bradford Balata Flier - image
Version two of the leaflet for the Launch event for the new Leeds Bradford Indymedia... I've tried to change to suggestions!

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this week's SchNEWS - and a shout out for films

11-03-2004 21:57

Here's this week's SchNEWS - MAIZE OF LIES

And, we need your short, political digital films to show on our tour and at festivals...

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Sherwood Camp , Council Meeting , Positive Outcome (for now)

11-03-2004 21:40

Council request that bellway reconsider development plans

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Today in Palestine 10 of mars

11-03-2004 21:14

a briefing on the 10 th of mars in Palestine

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Democracy and Media Contradictions

11-03-2004 20:54

The contradiction between the continuous adulation given by the corporate media to supposed US efforts to establish democracy in Iraq with the recent US crushing of democracy in Haiti.

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Social centre in Cambridge this weekend

11-03-2004 19:23

For the weekend of the 13-14 March 2004, anti-capitalist-action and others will hold an abandonned space which we hope to use in as creative, informative and useful a way as possible. Workshops, gallery space, cinema, caf, bar, info-stall, and into the evening bands, poets, other performers and soundsystems will keep us entertained in a lively and interactive manner all weekend.