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Sherwood Camp , Council Meeting , Positive Outcome (for now)

Col | 11.03.2004 21:40 | Ecology | Free Spaces | Sheffield

Council request that bellway reconsider development plans

As predicted earlier in the week , all meetings scheduled took place regarding the sherwood site , in a surprise turn of events , local councillors have asked bellway to reconsider their position regarding building the road junction there , They have asked Bellend to come back in a weeks time to propose a timescale for the redrawn proposals for a new road junction further on , this is obviously good newsfor the camp as were expecting to face eviction this morning or soon after

It was also pointed out To Mr Bellway (by some of our number present at the open meeting) that the possibility of a nationalised campaign against Bellend Houses and their interests is on the agenda for discussion upon eviction , by all accounts he seemed to have missed the possibility of this happening until now .

Whilst all on site appreciate that many individuals or affinity groups have , will or may take part in seperate actions against Bellway Home's as a show of solidarity , we felt it pertinent to ask you to refrain from taking any action in the short term , at least whilst they reconsider their position , this will show goodwill on our part , following verbal assurances given to Bellend

we appreciate it's a tall order to expect you to delay or cancel any planned action , but it would be helpful to all parties at this time if you could at least put them off for the time being.

Obviously we are taking this reprieve as an opportunity to dig in harder and get more defences built and so on , so tat of all descriptions is needed urgently as are more bodies to assist those already in defensive postions , any other forms of donation at this point , including eviction stash , more safety/climbing equipment , sleeping bags and so on would be warmly welcomed , get tatting those cupboards and attics , i'll bet there is something we could make use of in there , that you won't

Site is amber

a few more logs on the fire still to burn

Peace All


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