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No Comment - the defendants guide to arrest

28-10-2002 21:48

A guide to what happens when you're nicked and why you should never make a statement.

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No ALCApitalismo

28-10-2002 21:36

No ALCApitalismo
Marcelo S. - IMC Uruguay

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HIP HOP-"contrainformacion sonora"

28-10-2002 20:53


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Look what I got in my change?

28-10-2002 19:53

Look what I got in my change?
this idea seems to be spreading - actually got a sloganised note today - been waiting for this - very nicely done too - and indymedia's even got a mention - anyone recognise their handwriting?

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"Ich bin ein antiwar Berliner!"

28-10-2002 19:31

A 12 picture photo essay of Germany's October 26th protest activities from Cyberista's American correspondent in Berlin.

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New! TACT booklet out now!

28-10-2002 17:03

New! TACT booklet out now!

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No Western leaders criticize Russian tactics for ending siege.

28-10-2002 17:00

No criticism by Western leaders of gassing of hostages by Russians.

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Rainbow Warrior in Cardiff

28-10-2002 16:04


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28-10-2002 15:06

Some history rather than hysteria...

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tubeworker bulletin (London underground) 26 October 2002

28-10-2002 12:48

Tubeworker bulletin, downloadable (2 sides A4, PDF, link here), says that Tube workers should refuse to operate trains and stations during FBU strikes on grounds of safety. The unions, RMT and ASLEF, have circulated leaflets informing workers about their rights to refuse to work in what they consider unsafe conditions, but Tubeworker is the only literature circulated to Underground workers making an outright call to refuse. Tubeworker is produced by and for workers on the tube regardless of their grade or union, and comes out generally fortnightly. Take a look, print it out, copy it and distribute it!

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Settlers Injure Five People in Attack on Olive-pickers

28-10-2002 11:51

Five people were injured Sunday, when settlers from Itamar attacked peace
activists and Palestinian olive-pickers from the nearby village of Yinon.

In what appeared to be a response to the suicide bombing in Ariel, a group
of armed settlers left the settlement of Itamar and headed toward an olive
grove, where local residents, aided by peace activists from Israel and the
United States, were harvesting the crop of olives

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Brown Bread Yankkkee in Jordan

28-10-2002 11:22

He has been named as Lawrence Foley, an employee of
USAid, the American development agency.
He lived in western Amman's middle-class residential
area. One back for all the hundreds of thousand that have been killed by U.S devils .. or maybe it was another inside job .. the bbc don't report on that side of the tale..

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MP: Motor Show advert 'pathetic and sexist'

28-10-2002 09:36

MP: Motor Show advert 'pathetic and sexist'
Patricia Hewitt MP has seen this advertisement. We haven't. Can anyone please send us a copy with where it was published, the Torygraph maybe?

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Demo at Colombian Embassy London this Weds 4-6pm

28-10-2002 09:05

Wednesday 30th October 4.00 - 6.00pm
3 Hans Crescent, London SW1 (back of Harrods, Knightsbridge tube)
No to Criminalisation and Repression! End the State of Internal Unrest! For the Right of Social Protest!

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Solidarity Posting for the People of Nepal

28-10-2002 08:24

September 2002: A Communication from the Revolutionaries in Nepal on the Current (September 2002) Situation in the Civil War.

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Gandhi and the (establishment-supported) Myth of Effective Nonviolence

28-10-2002 08:21

Gandhi's life was history's longest experiment in nonviolent political action. The result of the experiment is fairly clear: An exploitative class structure cannot be broken without violence somewhere along the way. Property rights, defended by state violence, have never yielded to the peaceful pressure of the exploited class. Put in other terms, no exploiting class has ever left the stage of history without being pushed.

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Coverage of Oct. 26 demos in USA (16 MP3 files - click article to see all)

28-10-2002 06:37

Pacifica Radio's 8 hour special program on October 26, 2002 demonstations.

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Short Wave Spy Numbers

28-10-2002 06:13

If you have ever been searching the short-wave band...have you ever came accross strange stations that constantly spout out random numbers at given intervals?