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Slavoj Zizek Speaks at Amnesty Lectures

29-01-2004 23:28

Slavoj Zizek, a leading philosopher and theorist, came to speak at the Oxford Amnesty lecctures on the theme of Asylum, Migration and Displacement.

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Iraqi Oil Workers Threaten Armed Strike Over Low Wages and Win - OW Report

29-01-2004 23:18

Saw a lot of disagreement on whether to support the armed resistance in Iraq or not, but the social resistance is more important, sustainable and just as damaging to the ambitions of the occupation as the armed groups. US Soldiers coming home in bodybags by the dozen hasnt shaken US resolve or base-building here in Iraq at all. the occupaiton is expanding and refreshing itself (massive troop rotation expected in a few months, tens of thousands of would be defectors are being brought back and a new fresh round being swooped in). Below is the best news in ages - a win battled for primerally by Southern Oil Company workers in British Occupied Basra - for higher wages and a defiance of Bremer's slave wage table.

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American women soldiers returning from Iraq report rape by comrades-in-arms

29-01-2004 22:57

An article from the US newspaper Denver Post reports cases of US women soldiers being sexually assaulted by males in their own army. (And a thought of my own: if GI Janes are being raped, what are the "liberators" doing to Iraqi women?)

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Damn Hutton - But Don't Mourn Auntie

29-01-2004 22:01

Greg Dyke resigns , but it seems he is only following the orders of the BBC Board . You can look at this in all sorts of ways. For instance, I thought to myself: "So?" Others might be inclined to say something like "Huh?" and "Who gives a shit?"

Let's get back to the real issues...

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Islamists’ Campaign for Veiling is the Ultimate Hypocrisy

29-01-2004 21:41

Progressive humanity must stand up to Islamists who epitomize barbarism, misogynism, gender apartheid, the raping and molesting of children, and the complete rightlessness of people.

These reactionary dangerous gangs must be stopped now.

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Cambridge and national AUT ballots its members for industrial action

29-01-2004 21:37

Support the AUT
Strange as it may seem, amidst the tuition fees debate, another fight is going on behind the scenes. The association of University Teachers (includes non teaching staff in education) is balloting its members to strike over pay.

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A Whiter shade of White

29-01-2004 21:13

An anarchist writes on the Hutton enquiry. Or, as it should be know, whitewash

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9 Ladies Photos (file size warning - 12 large images)

29-01-2004 20:21

No More Quarries
12 photos from the 9 Ladies Anti-Quarry Protest Camp that is facing eviction any day now.

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The ESF Decision Making Process

29-01-2004 20:15

An analysis of open, transparent consensus decision making and a proposal for the 2004 ESF decision making process. This is a constructive proposal to try and make the ESF truly open, but also to make it work in practice.

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Greg Palast: BBC At War

29-01-2004 20:14

An excellent analysis of the Hutton whitewash.

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Letter to Lord Brian Hutton

29-01-2004 20:04

House of Lords,

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SPEAC website censored and other AR news..

29-01-2004 20:04

New nazi harassment laws used again to crackdown on animal activists

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N- Proliferation: When it hits the fan

29-01-2004 19:46

Being an information security specialist, the recent events revolving around Pakistan’s nuclear program do not surprise me. In Pakistan nothing is safe – from the common man who walks the street to our President; from our most crucial assets and secrets to our utility supply lines, all are an open and fair game to malicious attacks.

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Electronic Civil Disobedience Against HLS

29-01-2004 18:31

Join the ECD every first monday of the month!
Hey, in case you folks over in England don't know, visit the SHAC US website every first monday of every month, for an Electronic Civil Disobedience Against an HLS Customer! Flood their e-mail boxes, from an anoymous computer of course....

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29-01-2004 18:26


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Italy, desobedients activist get trough detention camp

29-01-2004 18:16

Italy- desobedients get trough detention camp
by Friday January 30, 2004 at 05:06 AM

Italy- Desobedients activist get trough detention camp in Bologna and ask for closure of all detention camps

Here thew link to the photos an for more information

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Dis-Asda(anti walmart campaign) on the old kent road

29-01-2004 16:09

Update on Dis-Asda (Anti-Walmart Campaign) on the Old Kent Rd..

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Meadowlands Travellers Eviction

29-01-2004 16:08

Meadowlands travellers evicted off their own land, and have their caravans and mobile homes burned. Other sites are now under threat of eviction

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Indymedia Cinema Tonight! - Zapatista Anniversary Screening

29-01-2004 15:27

London Indymedia Cinema - tonight Thursday 29 January!