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15-01-2003 23:31

A reminder that the:

Revolutionary Opposition to War Day School takes place this Saturday 18th January at LARC, from 10am.

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World Economic Forum discovers dissatisfaction

15-01-2003 22:43

The WEF does a poll each year to sample public opinion of life, the capitalists and everything. The found people don't trust big business.

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New Enforcement and Preliminary Investigation Act "HE 52/2002"

15-01-2003 22:05

Current Police Act is written in a slightly milder way to the being presented at the moment and it has only such key ideology in its expressions as 'if these is any reasons to suspect' or 'if there is any reason to assume'. The new HE 52/2002 will remove the necessity of most suspicions or assuming - the new act gives straight through all privileges needed to the police and police level persons.

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Anti-capitalist social night Tuesday 21st January

15-01-2003 19:14

The TACT anti-Capitalist social nights are back this month, on Tuesday 21st January, and from then on they will be at the at the same venue on the 3rd Tuesday of every month, so that everyone will know when and where they can meet up. We hope that you will be able to make it along if you are in London - the last one was good fun, so this time we hope it will be even better!

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Ban on Batasuna

15-01-2003 17:54

Last summer a law was approved by the Spanish government and judge Baltasar Garzon, that makes posible the outlaw of organisations that support armed groups even if they don't use violence in their actions. Batasuna, the leftist nationalist party has already taste the order.

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Trade Unionists Launch U.S. Labor Against the War

15-01-2003 17:25

(re-posted from LabourNet UK)

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Hoon 'yes' to U.S

15-01-2003 17:01

(front page of todays YEP)

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anti war pledger proud of Ark Royal intrusion

15-01-2003 16:44

Ark Royal blockader pleaded guilty today but to a good intrusion, not the bad kind of intrusion the ark royal is up to

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15-01-2003 14:39

demonstration = police control

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15-01-2003 12:27


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Blair's Secret Orders.

15-01-2003 10:45

The Texan Oil Mafia has delivered it's orders to Bush and Blair.

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Real direct action against the war!

15-01-2003 09:36

After the February 15th anti-war demo in London people should then go and form a mass blockade of Oxford Street which is right next to the March's end at Hyde Park.

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I'm going to iraq. What else can I do?

15-01-2003 01:32

I’m not going as a soldier, armed and ready to do my government’s bidding. I’ll not be carrying a gun at all, nor am I under anyone’s command. I’m going in peace, as what some would call a “human shield”.

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WTO meeting in London....

15-01-2003 01:07

nothing that will take too much of your time...

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14-01-2003 23:31

You have been lied to about 9-11. Read the following articles for proof of this.

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US Soldiers in Nepal

14-01-2003 22:56

US Soldiers in Nepal
A team of the US Pacific Command forces is currently in Nepal as part of a joint military training exercise with the Royal Nepal Army soldiers, which will continue for a month beginning next week.

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Land Rovers trashed

14-01-2003 21:52

£25k worth of damage to Land Rovers in Manchester. Solidarity with the subjugated people of Palestine.

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Saddam may accept 'Exil' in France! (IPA Press Release 09:21)

14-01-2003 20:20

Saddam may accept 'Exil' in France! (IPA Press Release 09:21)

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14-01-2003 17:59

Globalisation is occurring in the heart of London with the Corporation of London using front companies to get out of planning benefits owed to poor borough being used to demolish and develop much loved community landmark site Spitalfields Market supported by local people.

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New flyer for Critical Mass London!

14-01-2003 17:47

New flyer for CM London!