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Fur Demo's At Beyond Retro London Stores

17-10-2010 20:37

The pressure was kept up on Beyond Retro today due to their continued sale of real fur.

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Mobile Demo Hits London Fur Shops

17-10-2010 20:27

Activists in London yesterday held a mobile demonstration against the fur trade.

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Crude Awakening Film

17-10-2010 18:45

Here are 2 films just out from the Crude Awakening action that several people from the Oxford area went to...

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Nottingham talk on 'Life Under the Jolly Roger'

17-10-2010 18:21

Reflections on Anarchy and the Golden Age of Piracy

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Watch the Film of Crude Awakening - Coryton Oil Blockade

17-10-2010 17:47

The Blockade
Hundreds of demonstrators have stopped 375,000 gallons of fuel from leaving a depot after blockading the road to an oil refinery.

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Short doc on Greece and migration

17-10-2010 14:56

October 2010

It's the first time that an EU country has seen its treatment of refugees described as a humanitarian crisis by the UNHCR. This report gets to the heart of the escalating tensions in Greece.

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Crude Awakening Blockade Reporting on Indymedia London

17-10-2010 14:42

Full reports,links and video at:

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English Defence League London demo 24th October 2010

17-10-2010 14:17

The English Defence League are going to be in London on the 24th October. The details of their demo are on their poster.

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"Exotic" rotting animal corpses for sale at Three horseshoes pub in Hereford

17-10-2010 12:26

Kangaroo, crocodile, bison and ostrich "steaks" have appeared on the menu at The Three Horseshoes pub in Hereford. Please contact the pub asking them to remove the corpses from their menu and stop adding to the destruction of our world's wildlife. Thank you.

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Video: 16 Oct 2010: World Food Day - Kids Action @ Cargill Ghent

17-10-2010 12:09

A small action to denounce the policy of the worlds biggest soy firm. Cargill mainly produces soy for fodder, that fattens our dairy, poultry, porc

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Notts County Council announce £72m cuts

17-10-2010 11:40

Nottinghamshire County Council announced plans to cut their adult social care budget by £72m over 4 years this week. The Tory-led Council said the cuts would be made to residential care homes, sheltered housing, women’s refuges and personal budgets for vulnerable people, and that the welfare rights service will be axed.

Newswire: Fuck austerity! Fight the cuts! | County Hall Attacked | Notts County Council’s "Big Budget Conversation" | Notts anti-cuts events/meetings in next fortnight

Previous feature: Notttingham mobilises to save services

The announcement was accompanied by a late night action against County Hall which saw anti-austerity and cuts slogans painted on the building and £10,000 of damage done to windows. The appropriately named leader of the Council, Kay Cutts, described the action as “absolutely disgraceful”. In a communique, those claiming responsibility for the actions said “We will continue to attack in solidarity with all those who are abused by governments and banks in the name of capitalism.”

Next Thursday, the council will meet to discuss and inevitably agree these cuts. This will come the day after the details of the “Comprehensive Spending Review” are revealed by central government. Notts Unison have called a protest outside County Hall and organised transport from around the County.

Other campaigns against the cuts are also building momentum. Tuesday saw a first meeting of anarchists against the cuts take place and the Notts Save Our Services campaign of left parties and trade unionists was launched earlier this month.

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British Freedom Party: Fluffy Fascism

17-10-2010 10:03

The newly formed BFP are promoting a form of 'fluffy fascism.' Will The Fluffies be a threat to the BNP?

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Eastenders tell Boris Johnson to stop Coe snub by tickets prices

17-10-2010 10:02

Ticket prices are so high that ordinary East Enders won't be able to enjoy many of the events being staged IN the East End, at Stratford!

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ironic sponsored ad of the week

17-10-2010 09:39

the independent newspaper is surely having a larff! their short film report on the crude awakening protest yesterday is preceded by an announcement from their sponsors, exoonmobil. you couldn't make it up.

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Crude Awakening photo set

17-10-2010 02:34

Hundreds of demonstrators have stopped 375,000 gallons of fuel from leaving a depot after blockading the road to Coryton oil refinery. A spokeswoman for the Crude Awakening demonstrators claimed 500 protesters blocked the road to the UK's busiest oil depot near Stanford-le-Hope.

She said at least 50 oil tankers had been prevented from getting to and from the site.

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Chilean miners rescued after ten-week ordeal

17-10-2010 00:27

The successful rescue of 33 Chilean miners, buried under tons of rock and rubble for nearly ten weeks, was a cause of celebration in the mining centers of Caldera and Copiapo, throughout Chile, and around the world, particularly in mining regions where workers and their families face the same dangers every day as their Chilean brothers.

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more pics and report from coryton oil refinery

17-10-2010 00:22

several hundred activists managed to blockade the oil refinery near stanford-le-hope for several hours this afternoon. they stopped more than 50 tankers during the course of their protest. police were caught off guard by the elaborate and brilliantly organised strategies of the groups involved, and the event passed off with no arrests.

the 'crude awakening' event had been publicised in the usual circles, and people were invited to join one of three blocks meeting on saturday morning at euston, victoria, and waterloo. each block had a theme, but the actual target or targets of the protest were kept vague and anonymous, with only the suggestion that people come with charged oyster cards, some food and drink, and some clothing appropriate for a whole day out on the streets.

despite the unknown aspect of the demos, hundreds of people were mobilised to turn up, and police FIT officers trailed the groups through the tube system to fenchurch street, and then onto an overland train to essex.

on those trains, huge laundry bags appeared full of 'goodie bags' which contained cords, cleats, and arm tubes for locking on, along with legal info and masks. also, finally, people were told where they were going and what the target was.

coryton oil refinery, owned by petroplus, is the UK's busiest, supplying oil products to petrol stations, airports and businesses throughout the south east. the protest aimed to blockade the refinery and stop all deliveries from the plant.

the refinery is serviced by a dual-carriageway road, and by the time the first hundred or more protestors were getting off the train at stanford-le-hope, 12 women had already locked themselves on to two immobilised vehicles and police had closed down the road and were turning back tankers.

there were a few scuffles as the activists made their way across fields and public footpaths, but the police were generally outnumbered, and soon the amazing 'monkey' tripods were up across the carriageway, people were arm-locked around and between them, banners were hoisted, and the game was over.

a second similar blockade sealed the refinery off completely, and just as police numbers increased and there was some concern they might move in, another couple of hundred activists appeared through the fields (just off a second delayed train). they were accompanied by 'rhythms of resistance' samba band, some stilt walkers and two bicycle sound systems.

fitwatch were busy obstructing police cameras, and there was also a 'laundry' changing area with free clothes where people could transform their look if they wished to further confound identification.

from then on it was really just a street party. after negotiation with the police, workers from the plant were allowed to drive through a side gap, on the proviso that police stay well back, which they did.

decisions were made by concensus throughout the afternoon, and by that process it was decided the first lock-on would stop at 5pm, and then the two blockades joined together, dismantled, cleared rubbish, and then set off back to the station. by then, all the essex police deployed and did something useful managing the traffic as hundreds of protestors entered stanford to get trains back to london.

at fenchurch street, two police photography teams were hard at work, with some fitwatchers trying to obstruct their view, but the gates were opened so not all fares were paid, and many of the climate activists went on to an after-party near aldgate.

there were no reports of any arrests.

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Crude Awakening

16-10-2010 23:22

Some quick rushes of the actions at the entrance to Shell's Coryton refinery near Stanford, Essex.  The largest oil refinery in Britain was shut down for most of the working day as activists disrupted the oil distribution network.

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Nttm Histreh Walk 'To the Castle!' Collected Audio

16-10-2010 22:24

Sunday 19 October 2010

Assembling at St Peters Square, [next to St. Peters Church] about 60 folks gathered for a guided walk through Nottingham retracing the events of the 1830s ‘Reform Riots'.

More details of this event at:

Histreh Walk 'To the Castle!' Reform Riots

Histreh Walk 'To the Castle!' Slideshow

Photographer - Media: One Eye on the Road. Nottingham.  UK
Member of the National Union of Journalists [NUJ]
"It is not enough to curse the darkness.
                                   It is also necessary to light a lamp!!"

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Cardiff Afghanistan Meeting

16-10-2010 22:18

Thursday 28 October at 7pm, Shandon Lecture Theatre, Main Building, Cardiff University, Park Place (opp. Student Union)