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Iran Attack: Neocons Find New Curveball

11-03-2007 01:18

Ali Reza Asghari
Once again, the corporate media is feeding us a main course of half-truth and fabrication as the neocons and Israelis prepare to invade Iran, the next target on their total destruction roster. “Ali Reza Asghari was spilling valuable secrets to an American intelligence team as a prelude to defecting to the United States,” the CIA’s favorite newspaper, the Washington Post, reports.

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U.S. military banking on Turkey for Iran, Iraq access

10-03-2007 23:18

The U.S. military has sought to significantly expand operations at a key Turkish air base.

Officials said the Defense Department has been negotiating for an increase in U.S. air operations at the Incirlik air force base in southern Turkey. They said Incirlik would be used for operations in northern Iraq as well as reconnaissance in neighboring Iran.

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Photos from Save Radley Lakes demo

10-03-2007 21:51

Street theatre - acting out N-power's actions
Well-supported demo to save Radley Lakes

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Photos > Protest in favour of gay rights in downtown Rome

10-03-2007 20:43

March 10, 2007

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Amnesty protest over Guantanamo Bay in Nottingham :: report with audio

10-03-2007 20:36

The University of Nottingham's Amnesty International Society's held a protest against the continuing human rights abuses at Guantanamo Bay. It is now over five years since the first detainees were transferred to the detention camp and despite widespread international condemnation, hundreds of people from more than 30 nationalities remain there: without charge and with little hope of obtaining a fair trial.

Here is some audio that was taken during the demo.

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Dark Black

10-03-2007 20:08

When Black wrot that Robert Maxwell was a lowlife crook it was the pot calling the kettle black.

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g8'07 uk visitor winner's guide

10-03-2007 18:56

This is a brochure to prepare visitors from the UK for the confrontation with German police.

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"Hitler no longer to be an honorary citizen of Bad Doberan"

10-03-2007 18:36

Shut Down G8!
Gipfelsoli Infogroup: Right-wing globalization critique must be rejected

Formally, Adolf Hitler is still an honorary citizen of Bad Doberan. He was elevated to this status by town officials in 1932.. Prior to the NSDAP coming to power here, Bad Doberan had been the first municipality to grant Hitler this title.

Heiligendamm, where this year's G8 summit will be convened, belongs to the administrative district of Bad Doberan. The two towns are connected by the Lindenallee (Lime Tree Avenue), which Hitler once praised as "the most beautiful of Germany". The Dammchaussee ('Dam Road'), the road leading into the Lindenallee, was subsequently renamed 'Adolf-Hitler-Strasse' (Adolf Hitler Street).

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Spoof graphics and article about eviction in Denmark from SchNEWS

10-03-2007 17:28

Riot in Legoland
SchNEWS report about the recent Ungdomhuset eviction in Denmark, from Issue 579

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Sunday roast for Titnore

10-03-2007 16:57

A vegan Sunday roast in aid of the Titnore Woods tree camp in Worthing is being held in Brighton on Sunday March 11.

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Solidarity Demonstration for the ex-Vortex

10-03-2007 16:16

Around 40 people protested on Church Street today in solidarity with the ex-Vortex Social Centre which was evicted earlier in the week. Parasitic landlord Richard Midda has wasted no time in erecting scaffolding on the building, yet it still seems unclear what the long term plans for the building are.

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Secrets about the State Secrets Privilege

10-03-2007 15:05

Four things wrong with the Bush administration's use of the State Secrets Privilege

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Danish Embassy demo

10-03-2007 14:58

3pm About 30 demonstrators. 4 cops. Everyone in good spirits.

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New pamphlet, "Alcatraz – Uncle Sam's Devil's Island"

10-03-2007 13:46

"Alcatraz – Uncle Sam's Devil's Island : Experiences of a Conscientious Objector in America during the First World War" by Philip Grosser
The Kate Sharpley Library has just published a new edition of Philip Grosser's account of his time imprisoned on the notorious prison island of Alcatraz. Philip Grosser was sent to Alcatraz because he didn't want to murder anyone, even on government orders. He was a Boston anarchist and anti-militarist who refused to be drafted into the slaughter of World War One.

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10-03-2007 13:24

Climate change

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Aberdeen Protest Against Shell Wildlife Photography Exhibition

10-03-2007 11:35

Shell Protest, Aberdeen
The Shell Wildllife Photography Exhibition is currently being shown in Aberdeen. On Saturday, 3rd March, Aberdeen Campaign Against Climate Change held a protest with banners, placards and leaflets, highlighting in particular the devastation caused by Shell's gas flaring in Nigeria.

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Brian's 2md Epistle to the Anglicans - Mr. Brian W. Haw

10-03-2007 10:08

What does the man voted most politically inspiring individual have to say to his Anglican brothers and sisters as well as all those globally he claims as family whether they deny him or not?

Charity Sweet XXX

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Genocidal or Great Britain? - Mr. Brian W. Haw

10-03-2007 10:03

I have had the pleasure of getting to know Brian over the years and I have also had the privilage of typing this message from him.

Charity Sweet XXX

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Birmingham: Primark Protest Today!

10-03-2007 09:54

People & Planet student groups from around the Midlands will be demonstrating outside the New Street branch of Primark today from 11AM.