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Solidarity Demonstration for the ex-Vortex

riotact | 10.03.2007 16:16 | Free Spaces | London

Around 40 people protested on Church Street today in solidarity with the ex-Vortex Social Centre which was evicted earlier in the week. Parasitic landlord Richard Midda has wasted no time in erecting scaffolding on the building, yet it still seems unclear what the long term plans for the building are.

Many of the ex-residents and local supporters were persent today as leaflets were handed out to the community explaining the reasons for the occupation and the plans for the future. Church Street was closed to traffic for at least five minutes (maybe 10) whilst those present took to the road to walk from the meeting point to outside the (now well and truly) ex-Vortex.

The chant of "What do we want ... free space" was the call of the day and discussions were rife about plans for the future.

It's called establishing closure ok, check the link below for some pics.



Some photos

10.03.2007 17:26

More people should have turned out - if we are to build the presence of social centres in our communities we need to do it, no one else will.

A few pics of the demo.

10.03.2007 17:31

The protesters
The protesters

Vortex banner
Vortex banner

'We won't forget' banner
'We won't forget' banner

'London for more social centrers' banner
'London for more social centrers' banner

This was the second London protest against the Ungdomshuset Social Centre eviction, which was carried out in Denmark by police using a helicopter and tear gas.

It was a very laid back protest across the road from the Danish embassy with just one male and three female yellow jacket cops. No heavies this time but barriers had been erected in advance. Some laughing banner holders kept trying to cross the road to the embassy but were ushered gently back. People from the London Vortex eviction turned up in solidarity.



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