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Ali has 'successful' skin graft

28-04-2003 16:13

Ali has 'successful' skin graft
Ali Ismail Abbas, the Iraqi boy who lost both arms and was badly burned in a US air raid, has successfully undergone a skin grafting operation, Kuwaiti doctors have said.

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International Camp against EU-Summit in Thessaloniki in June 2003

28-04-2003 15:30

INTERNATIONAL CAMPING AGAINST CAPITALISM AND IMPERIALISM, which is organized by us in Thessaloniki, Greece (14.-22.06.). We would like to get in contact with everyone

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BAE AGM - Demonstrate!

28-04-2003 13:25

BAE Systems have beeen fanning the flames of global conflict for too long now.
Demonstrate on Tuesday morning at their AGM.

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28-04-2003 12:13

Funny how these significant packages of documents keep being found by the intrepid journalists of the Telegraph, the Toronto Star, San Francisco Examiner-- I mean, what are we paying the intelligence services for?

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Woodlands occupied in Flobecq (Belgium)

28-04-2003 09:53

A group of around thirty activists set up camp in the Hoppe woods in Flobecq on Sunday 27 April.
Walkways are in place, campaigners have already spent one night in the branches, and the direct action and information campaign is going full swing.

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28-04-2003 09:47

Mayday actions started last night with an attack on the home of defence conferences.

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28-04-2003 09:39

Phoney is off to Russia to give Putin a slice of Iraqi oil action.

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28-04-2003 09:30

Further details of blockade at Bayer Cropscience UK HQ....

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Bush War Crimes Trial - VOTE

28-04-2003 08:30

Bush War Crimes Trial - VOTE
George W. Bush for WAR CRIMES against the People of Iraq.

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How Libertarians plan to reclaim the Left

28-04-2003 07:21

The ground seems fertile for libertarians to forge alliances with the Left. And who knows? We might even "outflank" the socialists eventually and reclaim the Left for libertarianism!

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Old Europe prepares for new defense alliance in opposition to U.S. unilateralist

28-04-2003 06:15

Old Europe prepares for new defense alliance in opposition to U.S. unilateralist

4-28-03-EUROPEs opposition to the Fascist invasion-occupation of Iraq will be on display tomorrow, when the leaders of France and Germany start to lay the groundwork for a European Union defense alliance that would cut the ameri-nazis out.

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28-04-2003 05:28

Introducing the Howling Dog megasite: radical writing, art, poetry by iconoclastic visionaries. These dogs never learned to fetch, roll over, or lay down--but they did learn to speak. Get dangerous, get discovered ...

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Non-consensual pelvic exams

28-04-2003 05:15

This is a little power point I made up on the subject of women being subjected to involuntary pelvic exams while under general anesthesia at the hospital. Hopefully it will upload ok. It is only 36K.

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28-04-2003 05:14

regarding hatred by americans for ethnics since iraq events unfold

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worldwide-revolution part two ... 22.04. ... to ... 22.05.2003

28-04-2003 04:27

against capitalism violende terror war state slavery & system

the revolution is unstoppable.

make peace & love.
power to the people.
sisters & brothers united.

fight the power.

pr.malik j.f.i.x.

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The Seed of True Revolution

28-04-2003 02:53

An excerpt from a paper on the Zapatista autonomous zone

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public meeting

27-04-2003 23:34

Recostructing Internationalism
against every Myth and every Illusion

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gathering anticivilization in barcelona

27-04-2003 23:02

Just a few days to see you: the gathering of “people critics towards civilization” in Can Masdeu in Barcelona is on 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th of May.

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Bunch of SARS

27-04-2003 22:28

Consider the following facts:

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Anti-Capitalist bloc for May 18 Demo ?

27-04-2003 21:59

Is it not time for the libertarian left to rally in support of the Palestinian struggle by formimg a bloc on the May 18 demo in support of the Palestinian struggle against colonialism, given the grave situation that the oppressed of Palestine now face given the change in the balance of power in the Middle east given the recent American/British invasion of Iraq?