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Free Live Music tonight in London at Beyond ESF

15-10-2004 13:15

After a day of networking, excellent workshops and actions Beyond ESF has FREE LIVE music gig at Middlesex University, White Hart Lane Tottenham. Bands and Visuals. Vegan Food Marquees with Anarchist Teapot and Chiapas Support. Late Bar. Cinema with the best in activist film. Plus friendly sexy Anarchists etc.

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micro chips in humans. another threat to privicy

15-10-2004 13:00

a us company has been given permision to implant microchips in to humans follow the link to the bbc to read about this threat to privacy.

the link bellow will take you to the bbc article

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Waterloo train station No Border action

15-10-2004 12:07

Two hundred people got into the Waterloo station international terminal, to highlight the virtualisation and ubiquity of borders and protest again deportations.

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World Food Day: Iraqi farmers aren't celebrating

15-10-2004 11:10

The US has imposed a set of neo-liberal agricultural policies and laws in Iraq. On the FAO World Food Day on Biodiversity, Iarqi farmers are not happy.

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MI6 Accused of Using Data Gained by Torture in Uzbek Jails

15-10-2004 10:52

BRITAIN’S ambassador to Uzbekistan has accused MI6 of using information obtained by foreign governments through the use of torture, according to a leaked document published yesterday.

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ESF Protest! - Sat 16th

15-10-2004 10:42

action against the ownership & exclusion of the ESF

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Confronting Institutional Racism in Peoples Global Action

15-10-2004 10:22

From Institutional Racism To Flirting With Fascism
Confronting Institutional Racism in Peoples Global Action
Friday 15th October 7 p.m. - 9 p.m. Followed by Sabbatai Zevi Benefit Party

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European Social Forum Starts!

15-10-2004 09:45

Alexandra Palace, North London.
This is a short account of the build up to the European Social Forum in London.

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Greens helping Bush win

15-10-2004 09:20

Bush pulling ahead in swing states due to intervention of Ralph Nader

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Precarity: New forms of exploitation, new forms of resistance at Beyond ESF

15-10-2004 09:14

The imposition of and resistance to precarious forms of work is one of the themes of Beyond ESF (, a self-organised space being held to co-incide with the European Social Forum. Two very different workshops ('YOMANGO...because you can't buy happiness' and 'Dole resistance, unwaged activism and precarious work')yesterday showed how the concept of 'precarity' presents us with practical novelties in the structures which exploit us, and how innovative forms of resistance can help us struggle on this new terrain.

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‘From Genoa to Guantanamo: A Human Rights discussion’

15-10-2004 06:24

Today, at the camden centre: ‘From Genoa to Guantanamo: A Human Rights discussion’
9am to 12am

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VENEZUELA: We are responsible

15-10-2004 03:06

Assumption of Responsibility for the acts that took place in Caracas Venezuela on October 12 (english translation.)

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VENEZUELA: Release O12 Political Prisoners Petition

15-10-2004 01:46

International Petition demanding the release of all O12 political prisoners in Venezuela.

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500,000 Iraqis may be in mass graves

15-10-2004 01:31

So the choice the people of the US have this election seems to be clear on a two party preferred basis they either choose?

John Kerry "a bird in the hand is worth two in the Bush" or

George Dubya "killing two birds with one Saddam"

Simple choice really!

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The Shortwave Report 10/15/04 ¡Listen Globally!

14-10-2004 23:51

A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion recorded from a shortwave radio. 2 files- broadcast quality (13.3MB) and quick download (3.2MB). With times and freqs for listening at home. Free to rebroadcast. China, Netherlands, Cuba, and Russia,

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Rights for Future Generations workshop at ESF Sat 16 Oct 4.30pm

14-10-2004 23:24

Rights for Future Generations workshop at ESF will hight light the short comings of both Left and Right wing politics in ensuring that future generations are not exploited and denied the right to a decent environment by current generations. It argues that the damage we have done to the environment will cause suffering to future generations and that any ideology which considers equality to be improtant is failing unless it extends this equality in equal measure to people in future generations as well as those today.

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Take action against British complicity in the US executions

14-10-2004 22:35

Falsely convicted death row survivors spoke at the Rampart social centre as part of the Rampart centre's involvement in ESF Automomous Spaces on Thursday night. Members of the US group, Pennsylvania Abolitionists United Against the Death Penalty spoke about the dire need for a Moratorium on executions in the United States. Ray Krone and Williams Nieves were amoungst the activists and spoke with insight and from bitter experience about their treatment at the hands of the very government which 'holds itself up as the example the rest of the world is supposed to follow'.

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What can we do about this?

14-10-2004 22:19

US firms get yet more Iraqi contracts

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pictures from Noborder demo in London, Waterloo Station/Eurostar

14-10-2004 21:58

half the demo was out6side and half inside the terminal
A noborder demonstration took place today, Thursday, 14th of october at Waterloo Station in London, Eurostar terminal, co-inciding with actions in Calais and Dover.
Here are some pictures of somebody who cluelessly got lost in the area at the time and had to stay outside the exit to wait for what's happening at the direct action occupation.

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!!! Don't Save Sheffield City Airport !!!

14-10-2004 21:17

Sheffield City Airport Runway is about to be destroyed should planning permission be granted by the council and there's a petition out to stop its closure.

Well we say: destroy the airport!