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‘From Genoa to Guantanamo: A Human Rights discussion’

nessuno | 15.10.2004 06:24 | European Social Forum | London

Today, at the camden centre: ‘From Genoa to Guantanamo: A Human Rights discussion’
9am to 12am

As for the victims of Diaz, we all feel that the war of terrorism and the abuse of human rights by the ‘civilised western world’ began at the Genoa G8 summit in July 2001 with what happened at the Diaz school, Bolzaneto Detention Centre and the shooting of Carlo Giuliani. Since July 2001 and before, the ‘movement of movements and the global peace movement have been caught in the crossfire between September 11th and the Muslim world. Because of Genoa, the victims of Diaz feel indelibly and personally linked by experiences of human rights abuse, torture and discrimination, to the victims of September 11th, Palestine, Guantanamo and Abu Guarib in Iraq. We feel that terrorism creates the human rights abuses that then goes on to create more terrorism on both sides. this seminar will hopefully become a place to meet, confront, discuss these issues and to build positive bridges between the Muslim community and the western world.

on the panel is:

Heidi Guiliani
Jocelyn Hurndall
Adan Siddiqi
interview with Gareth Peirce.
Rachel Shabi (Freelance-Guardian)
surprise speaker on camp x-ray

Panel speech and discussion for 90 minutes with video. open questions for at least 60 minutes.

Please check Autonomous spaces program for the Camden Centre address and directions.

Old town hall, biddborough street, wc1