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19-07-2002 10:14

Gladio in Greece?

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Israel executes Palestinian fighters Relatives over Bombings

19-07-2002 07:57

JERUSALEM - Israel signaled a change of tactics in its battle against Palestinians Friday targeting the relatives of Palestinian fighters for execution as a deterrent to future attackers.

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Genoa: RAI TV journo on agent provocateurs / Forza Nuova

19-07-2002 05:43

At a screening yesterday of a film about the life of Carlo Giuliani (the protestor shot dead by Italian police in Genoa) attended by his mother, an ex RAI TV journalist, Bruno Luvera presented accusations regarding the activities of fascists from Italy's extreme right-wing Forza Nuova party during the G8 protests in Genoa last year. The accusations have just been published in a book.

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Cases dismissed re IMC solidarity protest at Italian embassy

19-07-2002 04:50

Two people arrested when diplomatic police attacked a peaceful solidarity demonstration for Indymedia Italy at the Italian embassy in London in February have recently had the cases against them dismissed.

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No Blood For Oil ­ Stop the War Against Iraq

19-07-2002 04:39

The Greens/Green Party USA is calling for nonviolent antiwar activities across the US on September 11th, and joins with the antiwar efforts of the California-based organization Global Exchange and its spokesperson Medea Benjamin.

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Baktiyari boys: update from Melbourne

19-07-2002 02:37

The 12 and 13-year-old Afghan boys who sought asylum at the Melbourne British Consulate are on their way back to Woomera detention centre

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IFJ report documents attacks on press freedom and civil liberties

19-07-2002 01:46

Very in depth country by country report revealing how press freedom and civil liberties are under attack by governments and states across the world, including threats to political protestors.

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Unemployment: The Shame Queue in Rio de Janeiro (by Latuff)

19-07-2002 00:57

One night in 2000 I shot photos of unemployeds in a long queue in Sao Cristovao, Rio de Janeiro. Two years after, people still sleep on the street waiting for an uncertain job. (Copyright-free photos by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff)

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Don't Finance Fascism!

19-07-2002 00:33

Now the U.S. is preparing to degenerate to the level of spying on its own citizens. Now is the time to do as the world did when Nazism took over Germany prior to WW II-Stop Financing Fascism!

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Jack Straw : Inhumane Scum

18-07-2002 22:28

Direct intervention by Jack Straw has seen two Afghani children who escaped harsh conditions in Australia's Woomera refugee detention centre returned to captivity.

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Genoa solidarity message from Genoa Justice Campaign

18-07-2002 21:13

English survivors of the Diaz raid send our solidarity greetings to the family of Carlo Giuliani on the first anniversary of his murder by the police.

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Rememebring Carlo Giuliani

18-07-2002 20:50

A rhythmic glimpse at what Carlo Giuliani died for and how little any of it has changed.

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Cans for cents (photo by Latuff)

18-07-2002 20:32

Cans for cents (photo by Latuff)
Copyright-free photo by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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18-07-2002 20:24

Genoa Red Zone - on the big screen
The Casa, Hope Street
7.30pm. Monday 22nd July
£2 all proceeds go towards trying to esablish Merseyside indymedia Site

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European Social Forum inaccessible

18-07-2002 20:05

European Social Forum in Florence, November: organisers set limits on who can attend, who can speak, and favour established NGO's.

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Primitivism - An Illusion with no future

18-07-2002 18:31

The booklet 'Primitivism - An Illusion With No Future is now published on the web. See link for details...

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New Socialist Youth group website launch:

18-07-2002 18:12

The new website of the recently formed revolutionary youth group, Red Spark. The site's still under construction so please keep checking back for updates and news! [no story follows]

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write on notes

18-07-2002 16:48

A reminder that it's easy to write activist URL's on money, I feel that there is a nice irony in that the tool of capitalism becomes the message of it's destruction

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Bolivia: historic interview with Evo Morales

18-07-2002 16:46

Here is an interview made by a PGA activist of Evo Morales, now conceivably president of Bolivia and certainly now the
highest man on the CIA hit list. His (POST-electoral!) program: re-appropriation and self-management (not nationalisation!) of the country's industries and land, total rejection of FTAA free trade and defence of the coca leaf... Basically, the people of Bolivia declaring war
against the empire.

This isn't journalism. Its an appeal to start solidarity NOW, by spreading the word.

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Perejil and AOL

18-07-2002 15:26

Today in Global Observer you can find articles about the crisis between Spain and Morocco for Perejil and new revelations about AOL 'uncoventional' sales.