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Fascism and Socialism

21-10-2003 02:15

How can a movement which epitomizes the 'extreme right' be so strongly rooted in the extreme left? What was going on in the minds of dedicated socialist militants to turn them into equally dedicated Fascist militants?

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Bolivia At The Crossroads: Political Vacuum Or Self-Management

21-10-2003 00:56

Date Sun, 19 Oct 2003 21:28:09 +0200 (CEST)

Here you’ll find the position of «Quilombo Libertario» on the people’s
insurrection here in Bolivia.

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US admits spying on Scotland - is this funny, or are they now totally psychotic?

21-10-2003 00:05

The US Defence Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) has admitted monitoring a Scottish distillery because they claim that "'tweaks’ to the process can create something very pleasant (whisky) or deadly (chemical weapons)."
Maybe there is a funny side to this, but on the other hand, if they stretch their arm (and their budget) this far, what does it tell us about how far their mass psychosis has progressed. What else are they spending money to monitor ?

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History of the Palestinians in Israel

21-10-2003 00:03

Despite all odds and ethnic cleansing of 70% of natives in 1947-1949, remained in what became Israel. They were kept under martial law until 1966 and are now (separate and unequal) citizens of Israel. "Adalah's main goals are to achieve equal individual and collective rights for the Arab minority in Israel in different fields including land rights; civil and political rights; cultural, social, and economic and rights; religious rights; women's rights; and prisoners' rights."

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Is Zionism a Failed Ideology?

20-10-2003 22:47

"In Israel, Avraham Burg, former speaker of the Knesset, recently warned that if Israel wishes to preserve what little democracy it still has, it must either withdraw to its pre-1967 boundaries or grant full citizenship to the approximately 3.5 million Palestinians in the occupied territories, a step that would spell the virtual end of the Jewish state...."

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Come and give BP boss Browne a (globally) warm welcome, Oct 23rd 5pm

20-10-2003 22:39

This Thursday evening (October 23rd), BP boss John Browne will be attempting to spread some top-dollar greenwash at a lecture called 'Squaring the circle: The role of energy in Sustainable Development'.

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Major US Vietnam War Atrocities Case Exposed by Ohio Newspaper

20-10-2003 21:43

The Toledo, Ohio "Blade" has exposed a massive Pentagon coverup of US War Crimes in Vietnam that may have been far worse than the infamous My Lai massacre case.

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ESSO presentation in Oxford - could be fun

20-10-2003 20:05

7.30-9pm, TUESDAY 21st October, Said Business School

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What's Up With Indymedia Ireland?

20-10-2003 18:12

The IMC Eire error message.
IMC Ireland has been down for three days, whats going on?

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No Insurance for GM.

20-10-2003 17:31

Article from the Daily Mail's Genetic Food watch campaign. Not sure exactly which date it was published - sometime between the 6th and 10 October.

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Bolivia Solidarity Demo : BP London : Wed 22nd Oct

20-10-2003 16:42

BP & REPSOL out of Bolivia!
Wednesday 22 October 12noon onwards
BP Headquarters,1 St James Square, London SW1

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Anti Bush Demo Reports from Philippines - Australia Prepares Protests

20-10-2003 16:05

Quick compilation of reports from protests against the bush visits in philippines and planning for protests in a couple of days throughout australia.


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Anarchist Bookfair 2003

20-10-2003 15:47

The very first Anarchist Bookfair was in 1983. It's happened every year since, getting bigger and better each time. This is our 22nd Anarchist Bookfair and it is the largest and most important regular gathering of Anarchists in the world. It reflects the full range of Anarchist groups, publishers and activity. Alongside the
day length Bookfair, where you can get the latest books, pamphlets, magazines and all the other stuff, there are continual meetings and discussions on all aspects of anarchist activity. These are open to all. Through the day there is a professionally run creche, a bar and hot food.

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STOP George W. BUSH in AUSTRALIA - Big Mobilisations...

20-10-2003 15:41

Some Posters...
GIANT protests against the Bush visit on Oct22 (5pm @ Sydney Town Hall) and Oct23 (9am @ NATIONAL DEMONSTRATION @ Parliament Hill, Canberra)
Visit and join our up-to-date low-volume e-list @

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20-10-2003 15:31

The Anarchist Workers Network will be 'officially' launched at this years
Anarchist Bookfair on October 25th.

The AWN meeting is at 2.00 pm in Meeting Room 3C, ULU, Malet Street,
London. Membership of the AWN is open to anarchists and other anti-authoritarian
libertarians. So get yourselves along there.

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Al Brazil (Rafah, Gaza) is being invaded now

20-10-2003 15:17

Writing to request 'a call to action' - I have attached a short update on the
situation in Rafah (from today, Thursday 16th of October and also one from
Sunday 12th October) and hope that most of you get the chance to read it...

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esf 2004 London?

20-10-2003 14:53

There is a proposition to hold the next European Social Forum in London in 2004. But who's behind this?

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New political initiative

20-10-2003 14:19

George Monbiot has suggested the formation of a new political party of activists. Why not dispense with the party and just have the activists - activists prepared to seize power, work with fellow activists in the community, and transfer power to where it belongs, the community?

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Lea Estrategia Internacional Nro. 20 en Internet

20-10-2003 14:07

Publicación de teoría y política marxista revolucionaria Nº 20 - Septiembre 2003

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BBC Scotland: the ups and downs of the current program!

20-10-2003 13:46

BBC Scotland did not broadcast the "Revolution will not be televised" under the new title "Chavez- inside the coup" in the rest of Britain, an increidbly powerfull and educating documentary about the failed coup in Venezuela.

However, tomorrow,
BBC Frontline Scotland investigative program on the Glasgow housing stock transfer - tomorrow, Tuesday 21st October on BBC1 at 9:30pm