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More on Italy and Genoa

19-08-2001 23:56

News of website with report from Black Bloc in Genoa and article on the Strategy of Tension in Italy in the 70ies.

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carlo lives(again)

19-08-2001 22:49

that photo!

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Bristol Demonstration at the Italian Consulate

19-08-2001 21:56

Bristol Demonstration at the Italian Consulate
Bristol demo at the Italian Consulate in solidarity on the 20 August Global Day of Action

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genoaResistance starts People's Tribunal investigation

19-08-2001 21:01

genoaResistance calls for People's Tribunal to investigate events in Genoa during October 20-21 Mobilization. Nominations for civilian judges now being taken

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DU bulletin no 19

19-08-2001 20:20

Weekly DU and related news update

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How the chickens came home to roost

19-08-2001 17:55

Monty Don warns that we are now seeing the dire consequences of putting profits before the health of the nation
Sunday August 19, 2001
The Observer (see link for SPECIAL REPORT on food)

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Really urgent G8 solidarity

19-08-2001 17:23

August 20 is the Global day of action in solidarity with the G8 protesters, a bodgerd together London protest is the Italian Embassy at 2.00

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How many People Died becasue of Genoa (G8)?

19-08-2001 12:18

How many people apart from Carlos died?

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media protest-murdoch in the UK

19-08-2001 10:08

Enough is enough, the media is sick. Murdoch has much to do with it internationally,
SEPT 13-15
'thinking global, acting global' convention


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Toilet Paper Vs. National Security

19-08-2001 06:36

To be truthful, I've must admit I've never had reason to contemplate the possibility that toilet paper would come to be considered as a threat to our national security. Apparently the SS now finds itself so wrapped in paranoia, that in order to protect the most widely despised Moron in modern history, they need resort to making it up as they go. Making mockery of the Constitution as it suits them....
(article 1)

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UK Indymedia did not post my article, you may cite it at Sydney indymedia.

19-08-2001 06:18

"Monthly Review" on the FARC and Colombia.

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"Monthly Review" on the FARC and Colombia

19-08-2001 06:05

A very well documented article on the FARC and the civil war in Colombia by Latin Americanist James Petras.

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19-08-2001 03:02

With malice toward none; with charity for all; with firmness in the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in; to bind up the nation's wounds; to care for him who shall have borne the battle -- to do all which may achieve and cherish a just, and a lasting peace, among ourselves, and with all nations.....
( [] ) ...............
Abraham Lincoln...............................

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IMF/WB Protests -- What you can do

19-08-2001 00:36

IMF/World Bank Days of Action, September 28th - October 4th, Washington |

What you can do...

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Boarded up: the inside story of London Rising Tide’s BAA boardroom occupation

18-08-2001 22:17

Or, how four flew in the face of ‘progress’ and walked free to tell the tale
By Barry Cade

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Stop the panic: global warmings all wrong.

18-08-2001 21:33

Global warming is the greatest threat to mankind. Wrong, says Bjorn Lomborg. In the last of his three exclusive essays for the Guardian, he argues that cutting carbon emissions is a pointless waste of money.

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Carlo lives(pic)

18-08-2001 20:54

Carlo lives(pic)
Let it burn.

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18-08-2001 16:02


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Disarm DSEi! Civil disobedience against the trade in death

18-08-2001 15:08

Actions - Tuesday 11 September 2001: Using diverse forms of civil disobedience, the FIESTA FOR LIFE AGAINST DEATH - a fusion of celebration and action - will make an audacious intervention against the DSEi exhibition. The WOMBLES will make a direct contribution to this bloc using our weapons - our bodies - to confront the commodity that enforces all others.

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UK Solidarity protests, for Aug 20th, against Genoa Police brutality...

18-08-2001 13:29

Details below for UK Solidarity protests around the UK for Aug 20th