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Union Officers Strike!

03-07-2004 22:23

Elected Part time officers of Thames Valley University Students' Union have gon on strike after a yearlong battle for pay

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RMT Union wins pay raises after spliting with Labor

03-07-2004 18:16

He is loathed by Labour and demonised in the press, but the RMT leader has increased pay and won a historic pensions victory for his members. And then there was the tube strike...

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Iraqi in Abu Ghraib saw captors rape, kill detainees

03-07-2004 17:59

An Iraqi-born Swede's allegations of rape, sexual humiliation and abuse in Abu Ghraib prison..

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Conveyed the Israeli connection to the the interrogations in Iraq

03-07-2004 17:49

General Janis Karpinski and Wayne Madsen conveyed the Israeli connection to the interrogations in Iraq

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Up and coming Animal Rights demos - West Midlands

03-07-2004 17:22

Please try and make it to these important demos.

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Report of anti-occupation demonstration in Edinburgh on June 30th.

03-07-2004 15:50

March in Princes Street, Edinburgh's main thoroughfare.
This is a 2,000 word report of the June 30th anti-occupation of Iraq demo which was held in Edinburgh.

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Some photes from the Sainsbury's blockade in Birmingham

03-07-2004 14:52

Some photes taken at the Sainsbury's blockade in Birmingham which held for over 6 hours.

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Afghanistan this Week

03-07-2004 12:47

A Bush success story. Disarmament much slower than expected. Postponed elections openly been talked about. Only presidential elections this year, may be. Increase in security violence (people being killed and disabled);most probably not Taliban. I have given a short personal account and then a few articles to brouse.

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FIT filth outside LARC

03-07-2004 11:44

Just a quick note...

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Insurrectionary Imagination

03-07-2004 10:09

first meeting for a space of insurrectionary imagination during the ESF

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More CIRCA pics & recruitment activities

03-07-2004 00:46

Pics from today's recruitment activities by CIRCA and text of CIRCA recruitment form handed out.

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CIRCA Anti-Official Communique #3

03-07-2004 00:16

Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army (CIRCA) Anti-Official Communique #3 2 July 2004 Re: the so-called handover of Iraq, June 2004.

And photos from today's invasion and occupation of Leeds.

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nice logo!

02-07-2004 22:04

nice logo

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Immigration - A real average case.

02-07-2004 20:29

An open letter to all those that feel that asylum seekers and immigrants to this country have it easy, i.e please forward to any Daily Mail reader.

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Just a reminder for us again

02-07-2004 18:04

This was reported a while ago. I think it is time to resubmit it. We might even wonder "who are these shadow prisoners" that the U.S have. Is it time to make one of them known soon? We'll see. "...there have been reports that U.S. forces have unloaded a large cargo of parts for constructing long-range missiles and
weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in the southern ports of Iraq."

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"Reagan created the foundation for Bush"

02-07-2004 17:12

The US journalist and author Jill nelson criticizes what she calls an `orgy of accolades' after former US preisent Ronald Reagan's demise.

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FAHRENHEIT 9-11 @ tufnell park social centre TONIGHT!

02-07-2004 16:52

tonight around 9ish, anti-capitalist friday film night at the occupied social centre, tufnell park, will be showing michael moore's new doc, FAHRENHEIT 9-11.

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02-07-2004 16:52


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Sainsburys birmingham depot blocked

02-07-2004 16:44

Police turn up
Sainsbury’s was blocked from 0130 am until 0700 am when the activists decided to call it a day. The protest was due to start at 11 o’clock pm as a coordinated national protest aimed at Sainsburys for supplying milk from GM fed cows, the action done in support of local farmers who have been campaigning for a better deal on their non GM contaminated milk.