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Construcción imperial y dominación

30-07-2003 19:21

Las discusiones que se centraban en la "hegemonía" han resultado inadecuadas para explicar el nuevo énfasis que los constructores del imperio estadunidense ponen en la coerción militar, la invasión y la ocupación, y en el dominio impuesto por la fuerza

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Kemp and Bush are Both Leaking Oil

30-07-2003 19:20

Jack Kemp's dubious role as liaison/broker between London based Free Market LLC and the Hugo Chavez regime in Venezuela, in an oil contract also involving the U. S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve, reveals the depths of the cancer involved in both the neo-conservative movement in the United States and the Bush Administration itself.

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Art of War

30-07-2003 19:10

Art of War 2003
Art of War 2003

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IWCA Programme

30-07-2003 17:20

Since 1979, as a result of the strategies of all successive governments, the gap between the wealthy and the impoverished is the greatest since records began. In a study of 25 countries, child poverty in Britain was the third highest, outstripped only by Russia and our other free-market model, the United States. The example of the United States—the most powerful country in the world—demonstrates that the prosperity of the few invariably goes hand in hand with the degradation of the many.

It also shows that a nation’s economy can be successful while the living standards of its people fall. The continued wealth and visibility of middle Britain is entirely dependent on the continued impoverishment of working class children in particular.

The IWCA strategy is straightforward. It recognises that if the working class is to recover its share of the national cake and bring about a return in the level of investment in health, education and pensions to even pre-Thatcher levels, the working class must first retake political control and responsibility for its own communities.

In practical terms this means bringing an independent working class analysis into the heart of local government thinking throughout Britain. In electoral terms it means supporting those candidates who are committed to putting the immediate interests of the working class first.

Please note: the programme itself is, and has to be, an evolving document. It has to reflect the changing experiences of the working class and our experience as a campaigning party. Undoubtedly, as the IWCA begins to grow, people will join with new areas of expertise and experience which will feed back into the manifesto

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British school teacher held at Ben Gurion airport

30-07-2003 16:15

British school teacher treated like terrorist - threat to security!

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Access Space closes for August.

30-07-2003 16:13

Over August, we are closing in order to run a summer school and a set of workshops, and provide users with a new set of machines. We still work while you enjoy the weather - it's good for you.

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ZAPATISTA / The 13th Stele, part 1

30-07-2003 15:32

This is part 1 of 7 latest commuiques from the Zapatistas , explaining their their reorganisation, the banning of certain NGO's who work in the Chiapas,and new steps they will be taking in their struggle against Neoliberalism...

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Discussion document on Evian

30-07-2003 14:43

This is a brief discussion document on the events around the Evian G8 summit, written by various Oxford activists. To give your feedback or ideas, please post at

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Northeast Anarchists

30-07-2003 12:51

Anarchy in the northeast!

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India: Narmada Update / Background information

30-07-2003 12:14

The submergence in the Narmada Valley cause of the Sadar Sarovar Dam continues. Forceful Evictions of Adivasis. Action Call.
Background information

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Hulme Developer gets a Roasting

30-07-2003 11:41

Digger trashed in action relating to 25 mature trees being felled in Manchester

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Hiroshima Day in Sheffield

30-07-2003 11:35

August 6th is Hiroshima Day and Sheffield CND have planned an event.

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Pentagon's Terrorism Futures Market Plan Condemned

30-07-2003 11:25

The Pentagon [was about to set] up a stock-market style system in which investors would bet on terror attacks, assassinations and other events in the Middle East. Defense officials hope[d] to gain intelligence and useful predictions while investors who guessed right would win profits.

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Basque? What's that?!

30-07-2003 07:03

protest for Basque civil rights
Who are the Basques and why does the Spanish govt. call their culture "terrorist"? Learn the truth!

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Nepal: Bush Supports Human Rights Violations

30-07-2003 04:41

People’s Revolutionary War To Resume Shortly In Nepal

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Working Class Rule in Working Class Areas

29-07-2003 22:30

Working Class Rule in Working Class Areas
The press release below is about the launch of the Independent Working Class Association as a national organisation.

Taken from their website which has now gone live.

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The Oxford Street Intifada

29-07-2003 19:34

Protest in Oxford Street 2nd August against Israel

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Iraqi resistance comics (by Latuff)

29-07-2003 19:10

Iraqi resistance comics
Copyright-free artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of brave Iraqi people and their struggle against U.S. occupation.