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Socialist strategy site launched

28-03-2009 11:07

Socialist strategy site launched on eve of G20

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London Critical Mass March ride with pics

28-03-2009 11:02

Waiting for the others to arrive
The rain cleared up and there was a good attendance, despite a chilly wind.

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The G20 Convergence Space Has Been Occupied!!

28-03-2009 05:45

outside new building
A building in central London (shoreditch) has been occupied for the anti-G20 mobilisation.

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G20 Map - Squaring Up to the Square Mile - Easily printable versions

28-03-2009 02:30

Get your maps here! Get your maps here! - Map of the Square Mile

Technological gremlins and exhaustion have been banished and more easily printable versions of the maps of the Square Mile and the ExCeL Centre have now been sorted. A3 is the best size for the Square Mile map, so for those without A3 printers, there are two A4 versions you can print out and stick together with old-fashioned sticky tape. The map is downloadable as a JPEG or PDF in A4, A3 and split A3 versions, in black and white or colour.

Here's the full map: Version for printing to A3 - JPG | Version for printing to A3 - PDF | Version for printing to A4 - JPG | Version for printing to A4 - PDF

However, it's best to print an A3 map on two A4 sheets and tape them together:

Here's the two parts in colour: Part One Colour PDF | Part One Colour JPG | Part Two Colour PDF | Part Two Colour JPG

And here they are in greyscale: Part One Greyscale PDF | Part One Greyscale JPG | Part Two Greyscale PDF| Part Two Greyscale JPG

And here's the map of the ExCeL centre: Excel Map PDF | Excel Map JPG

Finally, here's a Button/Banner to embed and link to the map.

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childslaves owned by Dutch companies

28-03-2009 00:15

Childslaves have been rented out for years to amongst others French farmers who directly benefit from the cheap labour.
Following proves that the governement fully condones this.

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Breakdown of the rule of law

28-03-2009 00:12

Brisbane Supreme Court Judge Ann Lyons
This article talks about the breakdown of the rule of law and government inaction on judicial abuse and corruption against a young bullied schoolboy forced to leave school as reported on Brisbane Radio 4BC to radio presenter, Chuck Brooks, in my published letters to the Editor of the Logan West Leader and Albert and Logan News, in international press articles including Mathaba Independent News Agency, Wall Street Journal, TodayUSA, Daylife, Newstin, Indymedia and many others. However, due to lack of press freedom in Australia, our ongoing ordeal is not being reported in this country.

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WDAIL March - Direct Action & Solidarity Bloc

28-03-2009 00:02

Banner 1a
To mark World Day for Animals in Laboratories, thousands of campaigners from all over the UK and beyond will be gathering in London on April 25 to call for an end to vivisection with a march from Hyde Park through the centre of London.

Militant anti-speciesists are calling for a Direct Action & Solidarity Bloc in support of militant direct action, imprisoned liberationists and campaigns facing severe state and corporate repression.

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Contacting Barclays

27-03-2009 22:28

Not so well known contact numbers.

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Indymedia G20 Reporting Telephone Numbers + More

27-03-2009 21:28

Help report what's happening by sending your reports from the streets. There are two Indymedia reporting numbers
(operating 10.30am Sat 28th March - 2nd April):

07588 479 039 : For calling in reports from events - remember the 'who what when where why' - and also for sending txt msg updates and MMS picture messages.

08444 870 157: For calling in to leave a short audio recording that can be uploaded to the website.

(If you do send pictures or audio messages, do not forget to include the location and time).

Twitter: If you are using twitter and have a report or update for Indymedia, include the hashtag #imcg20 in your message (see below for more info).

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2009 Bilderberg Conference in Athens, Greece?

27-03-2009 20:00

hazardous gave me that a few minutes ago

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Pirate Captain at the Excel Centre tomorrow, and Sunday...

27-03-2009 18:23

Eco-pirate captain Paul Watson is speaking at Excel a few days before the baddies!

"Come enjoy the London International Dive Show (LIDS) and visit the Sea Shepherd information stall (stand number 554) to meet with crew and purchase Sea Shepherd merchandise. Captain Paul Watson will also be in attendance at the event as the featured guest speaker. "

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Innocent Cardiff man lucky not to be murdered by south Wales cops!

27-03-2009 17:19

Jazz musician Victor Frederick, 63, his partner and their 12 year-old daughter are lucky to be alive following a raid on their home by heavily armed police. Mr Frederick was arrested and later released when charges brought against him were dropped. South Wales cops have now offered him and his family an unreserved apology

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27-03-2009 17:19

10,000 copies of a spoof version of the Financial Times were distributed today, with a 'Yes Men' style website to back it up at It was the brainchild of a former journalist who has contributed a lot of good advice to various activist groups. I'm going to include the PDF here as the website keeps crashing presumably due to unexpectedly great demand.

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Stop Camden Animal Lab - NEW Donations Address / Camden Gazette article

27-03-2009 16:05

There are plans to build a high level virus containment facility and animal testing lab on a Camden Council house estate, Somers Town near Kings Cross. Stop Camden Animal Lab is the campaign fighting to stop the is. We are a peaceful inclusive group of Animal Rights activists and non AR people from Camden and Islington areas. We are asking that council homes and community facilties be built on the land at Brill Place instead of the lab which could be a level 3 facility. See below for address.

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This Week in Palestine -Week 13 2009

27-03-2009 15:52


Welcome to This Week in Palestine, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for March 21st through March 27th, 2009.

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Insuring uninsurable risks

27-03-2009 15:14

So as to avoid having to nationalize the failed casinos RBS and Lloyds-HBOS, the UK government has insured their bad loans (so called toxic assets) to reduce the scale of their losses. In effect, instead of these private sector institutions and their shareholders taking the hit, it will be the taxpayer.

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callout to take out in the 'housing and autonomous spaces' bloc on 1 April

27-03-2009 14:26

Join the housing march @ G20 Meltdown
1st April (Financial Fools Day)
Meet at Cannon St. train station at 11AM and bring a pillow with you

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Brown faces crisis march attack 'Free market greed hits millions'

27-03-2009 13:02

Gordon Brown’s plans for the G20 summit will cost millions of jobs and trap hundreds of millions more in poverty.

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Chris Knight suspended for making G20 comment on Radio 4

27-03-2009 12:13

Apparently The University of East London have published a statement about their suspension of him from his job but I couldn't find this online, below is an extract from the BBC article about it which contains a transcript of the words he was suspended for uttering.

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Square Mile Mentality

27-03-2009 11:54

protestors may the suits fear coty workers...