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Cycleology Climate Camp Benefit Ramparts tonight

29-06-2007 08:45

Not being flooded around these parts... the Cycleogical IV presents at the Ramparts : Camp For Climate Action 2007 benefit.
Friday 29th June 2007

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Loan defaults escalating: Big Finance and governments Responsible

29-06-2007 08:36

Many articles have been written on the tactic of pervasive and continuous debt as a form of economic social management. However, few financial ‘wizards’ and politicians understood the ramifications of such a tactic. To meet regular needs average people have been forced to borrow at rates never before seen. As a result of the created necessity to borrow large amounts and the ease of obtaining large loans, a rapid increase in loan defaults is occurring. Perhaps statistical information on the ‘spike’ in long term debt servicing and mortgagee defaults highlights the failure of the debt strategy. Hailed at the time as the optimum method of economic and social management, today it is proving to be just another strategy of big business appropriating more at the expense of EVERYTHING and everyone else.

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Organising for Fighting Unions - Report

29-06-2007 07:51

On thursday, 28th June a rally was held at the Midlands Arts Centre in Edgbaston, this rally centred around the defence of the public sector workers amid ever growing attacks on the public sector around forty people attended, with comrades from the IWW and SolFed in attendance.

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Protest Deportations to Congo 30th June Manchester

29-06-2007 06:53

Saturday 30 June 2007 at 12 noon
Starting from: Victoria railway station, Station Approach, Todd St, M3
Ending at: Peace Gardens, St Peter’s Square, M2

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Audio - Talk by Ramona and Fred Africa

29-06-2007 01:14

An hour long recording of the talk given by Ramona Africa and Fred Africa of MOVE at the rampART social centre on Thursday 28th June 2007. ~14MB MP3, 22,050hz, mono @ 32kb/s

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20% of UK CCTV could judge your behaviour within 3 years

28-06-2007 23:27

A new CCTV system developed by ‘Agent Vi’ is being installed in some of the UK’s busiest stations, including Clapham Junction and Paddington Station.

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The Postal Strike: the facts not media spin

28-06-2007 22:53

Press release for Friday's Post strike, giving us the facts and the real rationale why they are striking

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Bukovksy: EU is Soviet Union Reborn

28-06-2007 22:35

It takes a victim of sovietism to recognize a likewise process in Europe. “Vladimir Bukovksy, the 63-year old former Soviet dissident, fears that the European Union is on its way to becoming another Soviet Union,” writes Paul Belien for the Brussels Journal. “In a speech he delivered in Brussels last week Mr. Bukovsky called the EU a ‘monster’ that must be destroyed, the sooner the better, before it develops into a fullfledged totalitarian state.”

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Migaloo the White Whale frustrates US-Australian War Games

28-06-2007 17:16

Migaloo the white humpback whale
Migaloo, the white humpback whale, is forcing the USA and Australian military forces to reconsider using the Great Barrier reef for war games. The USA and Australian Defence forces have faced down a civil disobedience peace campaign against their Talisman Sabre War Games, from June 19 to July 2, at Shoalwater Bay near Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia, only to come up against the white whale!

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SOCPA - the movie 3rd July @ LARC

28-06-2007 17:15

For nearly two years, 'indymedia rikki' has been closely following the events and battles around the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act Section 132, which criminalised "unauthorised" demonstrations around Parliament.

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The historic revalue of Lima Norte, Peru

28-06-2007 16:10

"The Paradise" ceremonial center
North zone of Lima city, Perú. A group of scientists have compiled, after revealing investigations, a counter about historic places in there.

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Jacqui Climbs the Ladder!!

28-06-2007 15:44

Have you heard, the MP for Redditch, Jacqui Smith is the new Home Secretary!! Hurrah!!!

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Smash EDO Lebanon War Protesters Found Not Guilty

28-06-2007 15:17

28th June 2007

Smash EDO Press Release

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People of Britain: It's "Liberation Day!"

28-06-2007 15:05

We would like to welcome the United Kingdom, back into the "family of nations", now that the country has been "liberated" from the "repressive", "dictatorship" of Mr. Anthony Blair.

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Bristol Indymedia film night: MOVE documentary - 2 July

28-06-2007 14:18

Bristol flyer
Bristol Indymedia film night, in association with Kebele social centre, present “MOVE” the documentary, plus talk by Ramona Africa, long-time MOVE member.
Monday 2 July, 7.30pm for 8pm start, @ the Cube Cinema. £2/3 on the door.

Note: 1 July, 6.30pm, benefit cafe for MOVE at Kebele social centre, 14 Robertson Rd, Bristol BS5 6JY (

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Reviewing Linda McQuaig's Holding the Bully's Coat

28-06-2007 14:04

Exposing Canada's role in the US war on terror

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Who’s sawing off the Horn of Africa?

28-06-2007 13:28

An analysis of the Horn of Africa’s political outlook in the short to medium term should include an assessment of geopolitical conditions in the Middle East. As part of Operation Enduring Freedom US naval vessels have engaged in several military strikes in Somalia. This shows that the Ethiopia-Somali axis is to some extent the “Southern front” of the larger Middle East theatre of war. US intervention in the Horn of Africa is brought about by the policy framework of the war on terror, as well as the need to safeguard shipping routes through the Suez Canal. This raises significant political questions that the AU has to confront, foremost among which is the impact foreign military aid (and political interference) has on the stability of African states.

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The Underrated Power of Economists

28-06-2007 12:33

During the Great Depression between the two world wars, the Brit John Maynard Keynes came to the insight that was implemented in the 1960s. The state must guide the economy by its spending to avert the danger of depression.. Friedman the ideologist was more successful than Friedman the economist.

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29 June: Postal workers set for first national strike in 11 years

28-06-2007 11:52

Britain’s postal workers are set to hold their first national strike in 11 years on June 29. The strike was called by the CWU (Communication Workers Union) after pay talks between the union and management at Royal Mail collapsed.

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Intelligence Services, The Media and anti-Iran Propaganda

28-06-2007 11:32

The media is waging the same relentless propaganda bombardment to clear the path to yet another war, using the same tactics of anonymous sources, distortions and unsubstantiated claims to manufacture consent in a population that predominantly has no appetite for war.