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Cycleology Climate Camp Benefit Ramparts tonight

markvandal | 29.06.2007 08:45 | Climate Chaos | Free Spaces | London

Not being flooded around these parts... the Cycleogical IV presents at the Ramparts : Camp For Climate Action 2007 benefit.
Friday 29th June 2007

tonight at the rampART:-

Lower Depths ( Kingston's finest trio )
Ras Simeon Judah and Siment ( Live conscious hip hop band )
The Assassins ( gypsy swamp blues )
Mark b ( camp songs )

dj timorous (muppet sounds)
Terra Audio
Bicycle darts
Pedals Soap Box

projections:films from the climate change camp 2006 'reclaim power'

Yummy Vegan Cafe ( so boycott that protein-injected-mrsa infected-antibiotics-now rejected-battery-farm selected - squawking chicken takeway )

Doors open 7:30pm.

Don't forget Critical Mass this evening from the usual meet up on the South Bank. Cycleround after if you're on the Mass :)

Ramparts Social Centre, Rampart St, ( off Commercial rd ), Whitechapel, London, nearest tubes Whitechapel, Aldgate East, Buses 115,15 etc.