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Anarchist Anti-War Conference Oct. 25-27

12-10-2002 03:13

Anarchist Anti-War Conference Oct. 25-27 in Los Angeles CA USA

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End Game

12-10-2002 02:54

An overwhelming majority of elected representatives we pay and whom, at our behest, are duty bound to protect our interests authorized a supposedly former alcoholic and cocaine addict who has never witnessed a day of combat to use force against Iraq.

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The Arlene Berry Case

12-10-2002 00:03

The Arlene Berry Death Coverup!

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San Francisco Federal Building Shut Down

11-10-2002 22:14

San Francisco Federal Building Shut Down

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Marxist MP elected to Parliament in Pakistan!

11-10-2002 20:49

The ideas of genuine Marxism have been vindicated with the election of
Manzoor Ahmed to the Pakistani Parliament in yesterday's elections. These ideas
represent the only real solution to the problems facing the masses in Pakistan.
This is the first opportunity workers have had to actually express their opinion
of these ideas at the ballot box. During this election campaign many thousands
of workers came into contact with the ideas of Marxism for the first time.

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Appeal hearing next week for journalist sentenced to prison for putting poem on

11-10-2002 19:43

Appeal hearing next week for journalist sentenced to prison for putting poem on website

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11-10-2002 19:27

Two members of Code Pink a PreEmptive Strike for Peace were arrested yesterday (Oct. 10th) for disrupting Congress right before the vote on authorization to use force against Iraq.

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World anti-McD's day, next Wed Oct 16th

11-10-2002 18:46

World anti-McDonalds day is next Wednesday October 16th. It will be celebrated in Leamington Spa - interested in coming along? Contact wag (email & phone no. above)

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9/11 In Context: Plans and Counterplans

11-10-2002 14:56

The Global Fascist Terror State has arrived, the fruit of decades of planning, propaganda and provocation. September 11 was its coming-out party, and for us, the last wake-up call.

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Launch of alternative and independent news source from Iraq.

11-10-2002 14:50

As the Bush administration threatens a massive attack on Iraq, many within the corporate media have chosen to become cheerleaders for the war cause.

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Great Cornishwoman Remebered.

11-10-2002 13:20

Boer War Human Rights Activist Emily Hobhouse will be honoured tomorrow in a ceremony opening the annexe of the Millenium community Centre in Pensilva, Cornwall.

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GERMANY: Total objector Sascha Hübner arrested by military police

11-10-2002 12:12

GERMANY: Total objector Sascha Hübner arrested by military police
German total objector Sascha Hübner was arrested by military police on Wednesday, 9 October 2002.

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great man honoured

11-10-2002 11:55

the great singer/anti-fascist, anti-colonial/human rughts campaigner has been honoured with a blue plaque.

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11-10-2002 08:23

US Special Forces are due to arrive in Colombia during this month to run training courses for two brigades of the Colombian army that are implicated in human rights violations. Their mission is to fight against left-wing rebels and protect an oil pipeline

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Byrd quotes Goering on the US Senate floor

11-10-2002 08:18

Senator Byrd attempts last chance to sway, shame fellow senators today --- he starts out the speach with a quote from Goering - tying the US Senate (and implicate the
Bush administration) as if they were victims of the former NAZI minister of propoganda

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US Senator Byrd's op-editorial re Iraq resolution

11-10-2002 08:11

It was a vigorous floor fight today in the US senate Senator Byrd was one of the handfull of representatives trying to stave off loss of congressional war-making powers to Bush. Here is his oposing editorial in NY Times

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Offline No 10- the Indymedia UK News Sheet (lo-res: 120k)

10-10-2002 23:32

Offline brings the highlights of IndyMedia back to the streets. Providing background stories the corporate media ignores. Indymedia UK provides an interactive platform for reports from the struggles for a world based on freedom, cooperation, justice and solidarity, and against environmental degradation, neoliberal exploitation, racism and patriarchy. The reports cover a wide range of issues and social movements - from neighbourhood campaigns to grassroots mobilisations, from critical analysis to direct action.

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10-10-2002 21:37


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West Papua Solidarity - RTZ Plant blockaded

10-10-2002 21:19

Anglesey Aluminiums on Holy Island, Anglesey, was today blockaded for nearly six
hours by a group of 15 people making novel use of a clapped out mini van and a
tripod. The action was in solidarity with the OPM - the Free West Papua
Movement - and the people of West Papua as part of a week of action which has
included the storming of the Indonesian Embassy earlier in the week.

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The strange case of the silence of Globalise Resistance on the Nice Referendum

10-10-2002 20:43

people,here in Ireland, have been puzzled by the SWP dominated Globalise Resistance group absolutely refusing to take a position opposing the Nice referendum .