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Rallies and pickets in West Yorkshire

28-03-2006 16:47

Union banners
A photo report of today's acion

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Oppose Savage Cuts in Adult Education Funding!

28-03-2006 16:08

Adult Education, in all it's forms, is the engine of Regeneration and Culture. Rather than agreeing with the Government cuts by remaining silent, we must all strive to preserve it and promote wider participation.

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Picket line report Derby

28-03-2006 15:51

Old Silk Mill
Despite being a bitter cold day there were plenty of workers who in their wisdom decided to turn back from the picket lines while others worked? The workers however certainly expressed their sympathy with those picketing.

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The Twilight of Freedom of Speech

28-03-2006 15:22

To fathom our government's contemptible treatment of a handful of unbowed journalists, you must see the roots of that treatment in the moral ideal Christianity bequeathed the West.

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A tall story

28-03-2006 15:14

Cycling the wrong way down Brick Lane in East London today, I happened to notice a couple of bikes flying flags, chain to a lamp post. The bikes were rather unusual, double height custom jobs and the flags contained a URL for which I guessed meant I'd come across some people on a bike tour. I started to write a note to leave on the bikes inviting them to the 12th anniversary London critical mass bike ride at the end of next month but the cyclists returned so I got to have a chat...

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Bhopal disaster protesters 'arrested'

28-03-2006 15:13

Bhopalis who walked 500 miles to meet Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh find themselves in jail

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Hackney Pickets

28-03-2006 14:59

Pix from Hackney Town Hall and Millfields bin depot

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So Far and Yet So Near - 18th March

28-03-2006 14:40

In this episode of So Far and Yet So Near:

- coverage of a Fair Trade Fortnight debate: is free trade better than fair trade?
- a Muslim poet speaks about his life and work
- the role of famine in human history - and how obesity and famine may be linked

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Liverpool Strikers Demand Justice

28-03-2006 14:21

A group of about two hundred and fifty trade unionists, political activists and wellwishers gathered in Derby Square, Liverpool for a rally marking the council workers' strike against attacks on their pensions.

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Photo report from pensions rally and march

28-03-2006 14:15

There was a large turnout for the rally and march from the Forest recreation ground in Nottingham as part of the public service workers’ day of action to protect their pensions.

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Ethiopia Talk and Slideshow

28-03-2006 14:01

Everyone is warmly welcome to an informal chat and slideshow about my time in Ethiopia as a VSO volunteer on Wednesday 29th March at 6:30pm in the East Oxford Community Centre. The pics and talk will focus on an incredible journey across the country to the Sherkole Refugee Camp on the Sudanese border with 28 kids from Debub Nigat Circus.

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What is the Shamanic Freedom Coaliton?

28-03-2006 11:46

I wish to form a pressure group to fight against the government's stance on hallucinogenics. I have been practicing tribal style shamanism tripping in the countryside as a spiritual path. Now i'm a potential criminal. I need help building a website and getting members. Thanks.

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SEAL SLAUGHTER: contacts to protest

28-03-2006 11:28

PM Harper's government has decided to increase the allowable kill rationalizing that they will deal with the mystery of disappearing ice next year.
Here some possibilities for free mail, fax and phone action.

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Human rights meeting;

28-03-2006 11:18

please see the pdf file

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Reports from the picket lines.

28-03-2006 10:28

According to the BBC, Sky and ITV1 there are over 1 million on Strike. The biggest walkout for 70 years.

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The chosen and the chased (by Latuff)

28-03-2006 05:10

The chosen and the chased
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of brave Palestinian people and their struggle against U.S. funded Israeli occupation.

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Over 500,000 protest against anti-immigration laws in USA

28-03-2006 03:50

Over 500,000 protest against anti-immigration laws in USA

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28-03-2006 00:04

On the 2nd anniversary of the April 2004 siege of Fallujah, join this unauthorised demonstration in Parliament Square to remember the Iraqi dead and resist the occupation of Iraq.

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New American Org. Appeals to World to Help Save Democracy in the U.S.

28-03-2006 00:03

If groups like the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) use American government money—and a big dose of hypocrisy—to subvert democracy abroad, the International Endowment for Democracy (IED) hopes to use foreign monies to help build a real democracy in the country that needs it most, the U.S.A.

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London Against Detention- Public meeting

27-03-2006 22:11

London Against Detention
Campaign to Close the Heathrow Detention Centres


Thurs 30th March 6.30pm (for 7pm)