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get a life - TV turn-off week

12-04-2001 08:13

get a life - TV turn-off week
this bill board appeared in its new form in Oxford recently ....

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Bristol election to go ahead May 3rd

11-04-2001 22:20

nobody VERSUS the council go head to head in May3rd poll in Bristol.

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Watch out for this BBC guy

11-04-2001 17:40

A daft little encounter with `a BBC documentary maker`. Please read the emails, note `urban terrorism` and `but we'd...` The first message is last...

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Mayday briefing at scotland yard

11-04-2001 14:11

Met police are holding a Mayday press briefing tomorrow april 12

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Global food takeover? - MAFF makes a move!

11-04-2001 11:01

"Ministers expect that by 2005 as many as 25% of farms - almost all small ones - will have closed or merged, with 50,000 people forced to leave the industry." - Yeah, right!

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FBI Farce

11-04-2001 04:40

Its in honor of the new indymedia at N/joisey I post this.

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Tar Alliance - no room for stars

10-04-2001 22:01

Tar Alliance - no room for stars
The fuel is burning. The sky is red.
We choose tar. Our source of power.

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10-04-2001 16:09


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Irrelevance of Marxists (Leninists/Trots/Maoists)

10-04-2001 07:47

This is a response to a rant entitled "Revolutionary Theory(!)" (a comment on the article "Race, Anarchy, and Punk Rock") which can be found on:

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Animal Activists Barricade the Bank of New York's London Offices

09-04-2001 23:28

Activists targeting major shareholders of animal testing firm
Huntingdon Life Sciences occupied offices inside the Bank of New
York's London offices; and over ten hours after they entered they
are still there negotiating!

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High Court Turns Back the Clock on International Nuclear Law

09-04-2001 22:36

In 1999 three activists accused of property destruction on a nuclear submarine base in Scotland successfully argued that their actions were justified by international law. That case opened the door for others to challenge the legality of nuclear weapons. But a British High Court’s ruling throws that argument into question.

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Bill Clinton is Coming to UK

09-04-2001 22:24

Clinton (NATO bomber-Globalisation sensation) is coming to town. 'CATCH' him in small country town at Hayfestival May 25th-Jun 04 -

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Net censorship

09-04-2001 21:01

An innocent man

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The 8% + Solution

09-04-2001 14:11

If the election ever takes place, here's what I think we should do. I know you cant wait to hear my opinion, after all its the one that counts...

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Dublin Kyoto demo and pics

09-04-2001 13:36

Dublin Kyoto demo and pics
60 people picketed the US Embassy in Dublin Saturday to protest the the US scrapping Kyoto treaty.

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UK Government to OK commercial planting of GM crop

09-04-2001 08:54

The Government is planning to give the go-ahead for the UK's first
GM crop, a variety of maize called T25, to be planted commercially even
though serious questions remain about its impact on the environment and
its safety to both humans and animals.

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Stealth Threat, Hidden Agenda: ICANN=the WTO of the Internet

08-04-2001 22:16

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers was formed in 1998 behind closed doors by bureuacrats inside the US Department of Commerce and their friends from the corporate sector. At most ICANN should only be responsible for keeping track of domain assignments and acting as a repository for technical data about the domain system. Instead ICANN is bullying itself into the position of World Government over the Internet, in the corporate interest, casting the rights of individuals to the wayside.

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The Ultimate Rogue State (And Alternatives)

08-04-2001 18:05

Now that most Americans and most of the world know that US elections are illegitimate, and now that Europe, Japan, Russia, China, Korea, India and almost all of the Third World now consider the "US government" (multinational corporate mafia) to be a demented rogue state, who is the real, citizens' government? Perhaps is the beginning of a legitimate, nonpartisan, common-sense government for and by the people.

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War against the farmers

08-04-2001 14:21

Government plans growing ever more clear, yet murkier too.

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Monopolies Choke the Web

07-04-2001 23:34

Adding new domain extensions to the net is a matter of a simple "copy and paste" of some lines of text. It has become however an international political issue that media activist Paul Garrin has spent the past 5 years trying to resolve to preserve the net from total control by corporate giants.