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Green Sticking Plaster won't save the Environment

01-09-2002 18:47

A damning new report released by green campaigners in Johannesburg today reveals how the only new monies pledged at the last Earth Summit ten years ago have largely been squandered on promoting World Bank loans and greenwashing global capitalism.

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Global French Revolution Is Coming, And We're The Aristocrats.

01-09-2002 16:22

An Open Letter to the Johanesburg Conference on Sustaining the Empire.

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Nuclear Free Irish Sea Flotilla Unveiled

01-09-2002 16:06

The Nuclear Free Irish Sea Flotilla is ready to sail to meet the toxic MOX shipment in the Irish sea and let the world know that this is just not on.

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Zimbabwe's rape camps

01-09-2002 14:21


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Trial by Media

01-09-2002 13:22

The suspects in the Soham Murder Case have been presumed guilty and condemned, before being tried. This is the new ugly face of British justice.

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01-09-2002 11:16

Ten Palestinians including children have died in 12 hours at the hands of the Israeli army during a weekend of violence in the West Bank

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01-09-2002 04:55

This year over 7 million kangaroos are set to be slaughtered by the Kangaroo Industry and farmers nationwide. This comes despite a major drought in Queensland where the highest quota of around 4 million is set.

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How the Islamic gets screwed down in this country

01-09-2002 00:59

At last some resistance to this injustice

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01-09-2002 00:36

Read latest followup details from Yvonne Ridley (and UK Express) about northern Iraq air base recently captured by U.S. Special Forces and Turkish Commandos. The base is being readied for use by U.S. aircraft.

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PGA - Opening and Sunday Earth Summit Demo Pictures

31-08-2002 20:57

Pictures of the PGA conference opening and the Sunday demonstration about the earth summit in SA.

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September 28th National Demo - Changes

31-08-2002 20:43

Don't Attack Iraq - Freedom For Palestine

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The Myth of Bird Evolution

31-08-2002 19:46

The Myth of Bird Evolution
Recently, a 140-million-year-old fossil called Shenzhouraptor sinensis was discovered in the Yixian region of China. According to the evolutionary paleontologist Ji Qiang, this fossil was a missing link between dinosaurs and birds. The fact is, however, that this fossil possesses features that clash with the evolutionists' claims about the origin of birds

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Clock ticking for Indonesian rainforest

31-08-2002 18:55

Clock ticking for Indonesian rainforest

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31-08-2002 18:50

Zapatistas assassinated, and massive military movements are causing terror within the Zapatista communities
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Summits up' for GM pushers in Africa

31-08-2002 18:44

The GM debate at The World Summit on Sustainable Development is hotting up and Africans are pretty pissed off...

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Oil and Turkey

31-08-2002 12:32

Another piece of the jigsaw slots into place. Having bombed Afghanistan to
secure safe passage for a pipeline through the region, negotiations have
now be concluded for a pipeline through Turkey.

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BVEJ newsletter September 2002

31-08-2002 12:22

Latest BVEJ newsletter now on-line.

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GM debate a sham say experts

31-08-2002 10:41

PROMISES by the Government of an independent national debate on GM farming are a sham, say its own advisers.

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World Bank to review GM crops

31-08-2002 10:11

International review of farming announced at Earth Summit.

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US Government Behind Cyber Harassment of Dissidents

31-08-2002 10:07

Details about why I believe the US Government is behind recent online harassment of dissidents. What evidence have techies collected about similar activity in the UK?-- (post copied by A.N. Other from