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BNP Refused platform in Dublin's Trinity College

13-11-2003 19:37

News from Ireland

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Bush Welcomes Massive Protests in London (

13-11-2003 18:28

Hitting the newswires and newstands around the world today is the news that Bush has said he welcomes the protests against his UK State Visit planned for next week. He made the comments during a brief Q and A session in the oval office - these were reported by AP and syndicated around the world:

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13-11-2003 17:32

David Blunkett wants us all to have biometric ID cards. The question
has become an issue for law 'n order politicians to gain their macho
credentials. David Blunkett and Tony Blair can stand in the pantheon of
reactionary right wing fundamentalist zealots along with Abdul Aziz Bin
Bas, the blind Saudi cleric who condemned a woman to death for marrying
outside family and John Ashcroft who holds prayer breakfasts for his
acolytes in the USA department of Justice.

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Target: InterContinental - Make Them Pay for Hosting FTAA

13-11-2003 17:16

Show your solidarity with activists in the Americas! Help us defeat the FTAA!

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Buy Nothing daY

13-11-2003 17:11

Stop spending money on thing you dont need ( and that make you happy for about 10 minutes>

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Critical Mass 19th and 20th

13-11-2003 17:07

Pollution free protest on the 19th 20th

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Warning on timewasting email petition

13-11-2003 16:33

Has this been going around since 2001? Then indymedia carried an item "No More Trees" that it might have been relevant to.
Suppress petitions that do not contain verifiable signatures.

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Climate Change March 18th

13-11-2003 16:18

ClimateChange March 18th.

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13-11-2003 16:00


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13-11-2003 15:59


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free salonica 7

13-11-2003 15:21

is there any solidarity aciton taking place

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Resist the Multinational Empire - forthcoming conference

13-11-2003 14:31

Conference organised by the Colombia Solidarity Campaign
Saturday 6 December
12.45pm to 5pm
SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies) London WC1

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Oxford Palestine wall

13-11-2003 14:06

It happened in oxford and is continuing in Palestine all the time

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"Anti-Bushism" hits U.S. expats in London

13-11-2003 13:36

The British abandoned their stiff upper lips and hugged Americans after 9/11. Now much of that goodwill has evaporated and the blame is being laid firmly at the door of George W. Bush.

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World Social Forum 2004

13-11-2003 13:16

The new website of the Intercontinental Youth Camp is finally online! With this message we want to introduce to you one of the features we are most proud of, the Intercontinental Virtual Youth Camp. The IVYC (or just the Virtual Camp) can be accessed at

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@narchist Bikers protest Greek PM over Salonika 7

13-11-2003 12:39

Article from Greek newspaper on @narchist bikers protesting the Salonika 7's treatments, they got to the Prime Minister's house unhindered...

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13-11-2003 11:48

Join us and keep our opposition to GM on the agenda when Bush visits the UK this month.

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Planes spotted? Another attack coming?

13-11-2003 11:18

Rumours of US planes arriving on Airstrip One. The implication is clear enough, if it's for real. Have we any confirmations? Plane-spotters, share your views!!!

Skeleton report follows: