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@narchist Bikers protest Greek PM over Salonika 7

anarchoteapot | 13.11.2003 12:39 | Thessaloniki EU | Repression | Social Struggles

Article from Greek newspaper on @narchist bikers protesting the Salonika 7's treatments, they got to the Prime Minister's house unhindered...

Today's article from: (Greek news in English):

"Anarchists protest at PM’s door

Catching their police escorts off guard, some 150 anarchists on a motorcycle
protest drove unhindered to Prime Minister Costas Simitis’s private
residence in central Athens yesterday night, where they held an impromptu
demonstration seeking the release of seven people held since the June 21
anti-EU riots in Thessaloniki.

No arrests were made, although the section of Anagnostopoulou Street, in
Kolonaki, where the PM lives, was closed off for an hour after the 8 p.m.

Earlier in the evening, the anarchists had driven from the Pedion tou Areos
park to Korydallos Prison, where four of the five suspected rioters who are
currently on a hunger strike are being held. After a brief pass by the
Piraeus hospital where the fifth is being treated, they returned to the city
center, tailed by motorcycle policemen. When the convoy turned off for
Kolonaki, police failed to stop them.

In June 2002, an armed drug addict who had earlier shot at two officers in
Exarchia and disarmed a third fired several shots outside Simitis’s
building. He was later caught in Koukaki."

Bit irrelevant that last bit, but the general tone is encouraging. Apparently politicians and intellectuals are putting the case forward in Greece, and the footage of the evidence planting has been on national television channels...