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UK Solidarity Action with Cancun WTO Protests

12-09-2003 14:06

On Friday 12th September to coincide with the WTO talks in Cancun, a group of 15 concerned citizens occupied a Bayer office and stopped work there, to demonstrate against the corporatisation of health and agriculture, and the impact of WTO patent laws on agriculture and medications. This solidarity action took place for 2 reasons.

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ISM Reports: ISMer Detained In Qalqilia

12-09-2003 13:52

The Latest News From 2 Aberystwyth Activists in Qalqilia

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Activism and Protesting in the U.K

12-09-2003 13:12

An 'outsiders' view of protesting in the U.K

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Charing Cross Police Station, Abuse of Rights for DSEi

12-09-2003 12:58

Quick information from an interview conducted with a woman who was arrested near Custom House DLR during wednesday's anti-DSEi protests:

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The Insurrection of a Million Minds (DESi support action sheffield 12.09.03)

12-09-2003 12:27

The Insurrection of a Million Minds
Some Images of a support action for those arrested at DESi Actions London Tken Her in Sheffield on the 12.09.03 at West bar Police Staion..

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DSEi Are Doing Market Research

12-09-2003 12:03

A company calling itself Wendy Round Consulting is doing market research on delegates to the DSEi conference.

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Witness appeal - Lancaster Hotel 11/9

12-09-2003 11:02

cyclist injured by police in unprovoked attack

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Zapatista Solidarity Activity in Scotland

12-09-2003 10:43

As a small contribution to the world-wide mobilisations against the World Trade Organisation, the Edinburgh-Chiapas Solidarity Group organised a stall at the West End of Princes Street, Edinburgh on 9th September. We distributed several hundred leaflets and raised funds for the Kiptik water project through sales of publications and merchandise. Following is the leaflet we distributed:

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Anti-war activist threatened with imprisonment for taking part in Day X protests

12-09-2003 10:23

Anti-war protester Karl Debbaut, who was arrested on the Lewisham school student demonstration on the first day of war with Iraq, is to fight vigorously a charge of assaulting a police officer at his court hearing in London on 24th September.

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Freedom Highway Festival

12-09-2003 10:20

Freedom Highway is a festival, at the Barbican, that focuses on the powerful role of music and song in the political struggles and liberation movement of the 20th century, featuring live music, talks and films from an international line-up of artists.

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liverpool disarm death fair

12-09-2003 10:02

Liverpool protesters disarm death fair!!

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Sambatastic at DSEi hotel Dinner

12-09-2003 09:40

The Samba band were fantastic at the DSEi protest last night

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What Next after this Year's DESi Campaign

12-09-2003 09:33

The beginnings of a tactical change in approach of protesters as this years DESi Arms Fair in London made it very effective despite a smaller then expected turnout. Small was beautiful and potent, but very hard work. With larger numbers next year, and a development of these and other tactics, DESi can be stopped. (Oh! And the other barbaric practices of capitalism too, ... perhaps !)

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Defence Industry Conference

12-09-2003 09:14

Defence Industry Conference in October - shall we go along to say hello?

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Ramallah Eyewitnesses in Oxford: 16 Sept.

12-09-2003 09:01


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DESi action 12.9.2003

12-09-2003 08:44

DESi action morningof 12th september

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Actions on 10th and 11th September

12-09-2003 08:08

grounds for stop and search given on 9/9 - looks like the 'coz we say so clause'
pix from actions on 9th, 10th and 11th September

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DSEi Dinner - three short video clips

12-09-2003 03:17

Three short mpg video clips of dinner delegates (arms delears and associated industry types) arriving at the hotel - campaigners talking to some and shouting at others, while being pushed around by an aggressive police force deployed to ensure the dinner went ahead.

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Assorted pics from DSEi Arms Fair Gala Dinner - Sept 11th

12-09-2003 03:00

royal lancaster hotel, host of dsei / deso dinner - sept 11th
Pics from the noise protest and actions outside the gala dinner for europe's largest arms companies.

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Sept 11th: DSEi Dinner of Death Merchants Get Own Tube Station

12-09-2003 01:36

lancaster tube station closed to the public
After holding their arms fair gala dinner on September 11th, the world's arms industry left the Lancaster Hotel under heavy police guard and with the streets around closed by several hundred police, some in riot gear. They were able to leave the area via Lancaster Gate Tube Station, which, closed to members of the public, was commandeered for arms dealer only transport.