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Defence Industry Conference

Paulie T | 12.09.2003 09:14 | Anti-militarism | London

Defence Industry Conference in October - shall we go along to say hello?

Second Defence Industry Conference - The Economist and Jane's Information Group

21 October 2003, Queen Elizabeth II, Westminster, London

Sponsored by: QinetiQ

The path to the future

Following on from the Iraq conflict the defence industry is facing a challenging time. There is a need for the defence industry to evolve, with much weight being put on the importance of partnerships and relationships around the world. This event will bring together senior industry executives and influential defence policy makers with the aim to not only see how to survive the future, but also how to shape it.

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Paulie T


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  1. Yes this must be a definite protest! — Rockwell
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  3. Because the STWC can mobilies massive numbers of people — Rockwell
  4. Trots as DESi — Dr fact
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  6. Reply — Arthur
  7. count me in — nobody in particular
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