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Charing Cross Police Station, Abuse of Rights for DSEi

info | 12.09.2003 12:58 | DSEi 2003 | Anti-militarism | Repression | London

Quick information from an interview conducted with a woman who was arrested near Custom House DLR during wednesday's anti-DSEi protests:

She was held at charing cross police station - PACE handbook specifies the rights of those being held - it seems almost all of the rules were breached:

- 10 hours without food
- 14 hours incommunicado
- she was not allowed to notify anyone of her detention
- request for a solicitor was repeatedly denied
- she was refused paper and writing materials (even when she said she wanted to document a complaint)
- the cell she was kep in was filthy and the toiled was covered in vomit and blood - she was refused sanitary facilities

and what terrible crime was she accused of? 'Obstructing the hightway'!



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