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Undercurrents solidarity in Palestine

28-07-2004 17:56

The undercurrents book keeper travelled to Palestine to offer solidarity and she is sending regular reports..this is todays.

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Nottingham Asian Mela 2004

28-07-2004 17:18

The first ever Nottingham Mela took place on the Forest Recreation Ground, Radford, Nottingham on Sunday.
The day promised to be a spectacular family festival of music, with exhibitions, displays, stalls, a food arena, funfair and art workshops.

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We need people eating…

28-07-2004 17:12

Due to amazing achievement which was reached by our vegan restaurant – that people are bringing more food than they are eating - we’re calling you! Liberate us! – ‘Come and eat!’:-)

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Business Week : Role of Pro-Israel Neocon Hawks in Iraq Invasion

28-07-2004 16:55

"The film goes on about filial revenge and oil, but it never ventures onto really touchy turf -- namely the role of fiercely pro-Israel neocon hawks in convincing Bush to go to war. The elephantine Mr. Moore conveniently fails to mention that other pachyderm in the Democratic room. Why didn't Fahrenheit go there, Mr. Moore?"

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SchMOVIES (SchNEWS films are now on-line)

28-07-2004 16:08

SchNEWS are finally producing their own films. Available to download free from our website. Click on SchMOVIES and have a look.

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Indymedia - Legal team Support - screening 30 july

28-07-2004 15:51

Lots of words, nice words.
Now we want to see the facts again.
May be few but good

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Review of “Green Anarchy in the UK – Gathering of the tribes”

28-07-2004 15:36

This is a review of the gathering, containing some of my own experiences.

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Birmingham Flashmob Story

28-07-2004 14:56

2003's Birmingham flashmob was the UK's first altruistic flashmob. I've made a 15 minute radio retrospective, in which the mob's organiser gave me an exclusive interview.

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block the builders

28-07-2004 14:11
Aldermaston Women's Peace Camp(aign)

block the builders
can we stop it? yes we can!

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Interview with Javier Correa, President of Sinaltrainal 16th of June 2004, Bogot

28-07-2004 13:32

Javier Correa, President of Sinaltrainal (Sindicato Nacional de Trabajadores de la Industria de Alimentos-Colombia), gives an evaluation of the Coca Cola Boycott campaign one year after the beginning of the boycott.

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Future of East Oxford Community Centre (EOCC) - results of survey

28-07-2004 09:27

EOCC bulding, Princes Street
Results of survey of local views on proposed extension and refurbishment of the community kitchen at EOCC. The survey was done on behalf of East Oxford Healthy Living Initiative (HLI).

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Local Paper capitalising on York murders

27-07-2004 21:14

Perhaps readers across York didn't realise just how low their local paper could sink, but with yesterday's edition came the lowest of the low: an 8-page supplement telling the story of the hunt for a Double-double-murderer near York. The evening press must surely realise this is nothing but an attempt to capitalise on grief and horror.

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Continental Social Alliance decides its own re foundation

27-07-2004 17:49

Gathered in Quito, at the Americas Social Forum, the Hemispheric Council of the Continental Social Alliance has decided to remove the opposition to the FTAA from its foundational declaration, as one of its main goals. After analyzing the international scenario as well as evaluating the impact of its actions, delegates from all the American countries and the most important social organizations of the continent, decided the “fight against the FTAA” would become a “fight against free trade”.

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Athens Indymedia and Greek Anarchists on the foresight of USA Secret Agencies!

27-07-2004 17:38

OSAC admits of surveillance of Athens IMC

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27-07-2004 17:23

Millions of victims of the slave trade are to be commemorated at a special public event being held in Plymouth this Sunday, to mark the 10th annual African Remembrance Day.

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Farnborough Arms Fair

27-07-2004 16:59

Textron Cluster bomb at Farnborough
Farnborough, 19 - 25 July, is rightly the focus of campaigners against the arms trade. Campaign Against Arms Trade was there and this is what happened.

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Profit over Science

27-07-2004 16:32

"The shortsighted criminality of capitalist society is clear. Mentally deficient and motor handicapped babies will be born because the political state is an instrument of powerful industrial interests, rather than the representative of most of the nation's people."

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news from Survival International, supporting tribal peoples worldwide

27-07-2004 15:22

27 July 2004 e-news

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Audit Commission savage Pavilion Housing Association

27-07-2004 15:21

In what has to be seen as a vindication of community activists who have for some time been highlighting how bad is Pavilion, the Audit Commission has recently published a damning indictment of Pavilion. It is also another nail in the coffin of privatisation of council housing, as no matter how badly run council housing may be, it is nowhere as bad as the private sector.

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Camden lashes out at opponents of council house sell off

27-07-2004 15:20

At the end of last year Camden tenants said no to a sell off of their council houses. This was in spite of the council spending £500,000 of taxpayers money to get a yes vote. The council are now lashing out at their opponents.