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IMCista | 27.07.2004 15:22 | World

27 July 2004 e-news

Sri Lanka: Veddahs appeal to be allowed to return home
The Veddah people of Sri Lanka have appealed to their country's
government to allow them to return to their land. One Veddah man told a
Survival researcher, 'Living in the jungle, we had everything we needed.
We can't get these things here in the village. We want to go back to
our jungle.'

Brazil: Arara on the brink of destruction
The Brazilian government has unexpectedly halted the demarcation of a
key territory belonging to the Arara Indians, called Cachoeira Seca. The
tribe, some of whom were only contacted in 1987, are fighting for
survival against waves of loggers, land speculators and settlers who
have illegally invaded their territory.

Ethiopia: Mursi cattle-herders face wave of settlement
Three thousand families belonging to the farming Konso people have been
moved onto the lowland territory of the cattle-herding Mursi and Bodi
peoples in the southwest of the country. The move is part of the
Ethiopian government's scheme, backed by the World Bank, to resettle 2.2
million people.

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