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The Neocolonial Iran

17-11-2004 17:38

Lessons from History:

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LOCKHEED MARTIN Whereabouts of manufacturer of W.M.D. exposed

17-11-2004 17:36

10th November
LOCKHEED MARTIN [TP] Lockheed Martin protest

Whereabouts of manufacturer of W.M.D. exposed by a Trident Ploughshares affinity group acting to show where this company's unmarked HQ is in Victoria

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"Arafat's Dead - Long Live Palestine!"

17-11-2004 16:49

Arafat died at about three in the morning, the day after a particularly holy night during Ramadan. If he had died a few hours before, he would have been considered even more blessed in the Muslim world. A Palestinian joked to me that this was yet another historic opportunity missed…

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G8 Direct Action Training

17-11-2004 16:01

Activist training collective needs a venue for pre-G8 direct action training in Sheffield

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17-11-2004 15:58

CALL 07763 754 356

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Freedom Now for the Workers of Caleta Olivia

17-11-2004 15:40

Kirchner verfolgt, nimmt fest und verurteilt diejenige, die für Arbeit, Lohn und Essen kämpfen.
Alle Gewerkschaftsorganisationen, sozialistischen und sozialdemokratischen Parteien müssen diese Tatsache zurückweisen und die sofortige Freilassung der inhaftierten Arbeiter von Caleta Olivia bei der argentinischen Regierung Kirchner fordern.

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Film Night at Kebele, Bristol

17-11-2004 15:37

Film night tomorrow (Nov 18th)@ Kebele, Bristol

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Blunkett reply to Howard on RackServers

17-11-2004 14:06

Copy of Blunketts's reply to Micheal Howard re the rackspace server seizure.
Also posted on the main article posting

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Bayer CropScience drop last 2 GM crop varieties from UK commercialisation

17-11-2004 11:44

Bayer CropScience drop the last 2 GM crop varieties from the UK commercialisation process

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Pickets and Resistance

17-11-2004 11:12

Pickets and demonstrations in Resitance to the ongoing occupation of Iraq.

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Arresting Vanunu While Burying Arafat

17-11-2004 05:58

"Mr. Vanunu, who is a Christian and who claims his faith profoundly directed and sustained him during the worse of his imprisonment, gives much credit to the spiritual teachings of Jesus Christ."

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Parrhesia: An old word for a new kind of media

17-11-2004 03:55

School research paper about Indymedia.

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East Asian Anarchist/activist portal

17-11-2004 02:52 - Radical Voice of East Asia

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My Peelgrimage: The Pictures

17-11-2004 01:16

TV Vans
As promised, here are the pictures to illustrate the article I posted on the Newswire earlier.

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Fallujah in Pictures

16-11-2004 21:23

Fallujah in Pictures

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Noam Chomsky@Manchester DVD

16-11-2004 19:12

Noam Chomsky@Manchester

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Campaigners condemn negative Africa stereotypes in Band Aid lyrics

16-11-2004 18:31

International development campaigners the World Development Movement (WDM) today condemned the lyrics of the Band Aid single “Do They Know Its Christmas?” as promoting a “negative and inaccurate picture of Africa and its problems.”

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Uncensored Video / Text of US Troops Executing Wounded Falluja Mosque Prisoners

16-11-2004 17:07

FALLUJA: Summarily Executed - Uncensored Video / Text of US Troops Executing Wounded Falluja Mosque Prisoners

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Heroic Fallujah

16-11-2004 16:54

US imperialism experiences a stumbling block in Fallujah and the whole of Iraq in its drive for global hegemony and corporate control.

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get ready for the recount! preliminary results favor kerry!

16-11-2004 16:48

check out for the latest on election fraud in the 2004 U.S. Selections. the recounts are pending. the united states, claiming to spread democracy around the world, is subverting democracy inside its own borders. this is an important moment not only for that country, but for the rest of the world.