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Palestine Today 070808

08-07-2008 16:54

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for Tuesday July 8th, 2008.

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Mary-Jane Sareva responsible for police arrest two people on false charges.

08-07-2008 15:48

On Sunday at EOCC Mary-Jane Sareva refused to engage in dialog and instead rapidly resorted to violence and intimidation to resolve the issue – when that failed she resorted to lying to the police.

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UK German moronic monarchists - vicious brutal stupid and one of the same

08-07-2008 15:13

England is probably the reason why the US behaves like a butcher who always resorts to violence or genocidal intervention across the free world. It is following England as its weak mother country as it has a history of colonial warmongering, stealing resources and wealth and subjecting populations to genocide to gain economic advantage in the middle east, India, Africa and more recently under the illustrious leader Margaret Thatcher in Indonesia, Burma and Haiti. England has a despicable history matched only by the US, which is beginning to reveal the traits of its birth. The theory is the Nazis were led by these idiotic Royals who now just preside at Windsor

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FIT at menwith hill

08-07-2008 15:13

Food, music, fun and FIT, Menwith Hill, 4th July Independence from America Day

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US and UK coward soldiers hurting civilians for money - mercenaries

08-07-2008 14:38

I saw these pictures and was horrified at what British soldiers are doing in Iraq.

UK soldiers who pretend to be serving their countries and asking for recognition of their bravery when killing people from a distance and dropping uranium on civilians causing birth defects should suffer in exactly the same way. I hope they and their families suffer through no fault of their own except in their case they deserve it. Care about your fellow soldiers not your fellow human is their motto

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Protest at Novartis, Grismby

08-07-2008 14:34

This is the start of regular Lincolnshire demos against Novartis...

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$tarbuck$-Brum Union bustin' Protest

08-07-2008 14:28

An Injury to one...
Saturday 5th July- as part of an international day of action against the latest illegal sackings of union activists in Michigan, USA and Seville, Spain, the West Midlands IWW helped organise a protest picket outside the main Starbucks store in Birmingham. The general public were very supportive of the protest. We were surprised how much people hated starbucks. The store manager hated the fact it the store was half empty, just like their tills.

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Yuppie flats for sale

08-07-2008 14:17

yuppie flats for sale
Centrus at The Meads, 115 overpriced non-existent yuppie flats for sale, part of the St Modwen disastrous redevelopment of Farnborough town centre. A town in which there is an acute shortage of 2- 3-bedroom houses with gardens.

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Scientology's KGB: Inside the Office of Special Affairs

08-07-2008 14:13

"These were enemies of the church. You shut them down. You find out what you can about them. You find their weak spot and you expose it. You make it so that they cannot survive or exist. You literally destroy them."
Frank Oliver, former OSA Agent. From ABC 20/20 - Scientology. Transcript

"In my opinion the church has one of the most effective intelligence operations in the U.S. rivaling even that of the FBI."
Ted Gunderson, former head of the FBI's Los Angeles office. Quoted in Time Magazine, 6 May 1991.

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Fitwatch: The Story So Far

08-07-2008 13:24

It's been just over a year since we started a concerted campaign against the FIT Teams, so we thought it was time we celebrated some of our achievements.

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Bush's Blood-Orgy in Somalia

08-07-2008 12:39

"They Are Slaughtering Somalis Like Goats"

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Happy Birthday Binyam! actions

08-07-2008 12:31

The last Londoner in Guantánamo Bay turns 30 on 24/7 - after six years of illegal detention, he is suicidal and on hunger strike and facing the prospect of an unfair trial and the death penalty. In the run up to his 30th birthday, take action to get the British government to stop his trial and have him returned to this country.

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Scandal of Diego Garcia rendition flights strains US-UK relations

08-07-2008 12:03

Andy Worthington, author of “The Guantánamo Files”, reports on the latest developments relating to the British Overseas Territory of Diego Garcia: the exiled islanders’ latest salvo in their 40-year pursuit of justice, and the British government’s failure to tackle its US allies over the use of Diego Garcia for “extraordinary rendition” flights.

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Colombia: Pax Romana

08-07-2008 11:51

I have honestly and strongly criticized the objectively cruel methods of kidnapping and retaining prisoners under the conditions of the jungle. But I am not suggesting that anyone laid down their arms, when everyone who did so in the last 50 years did not survive to see peace…

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BBC Ouch Message Board – Another Disabled Victim Is Silenced

08-07-2008 11:16

Bully a cancer victim on the BBC Ouch Message Board – that's O.K.
Mention ID theft on BBC Ouch Message Board - You're OUT!

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Elephant in the Room Podcast

08-07-2008 11:00

This is an exclusive podcast produced by London Sound Posse and recorded at the premiere of the new Documentary "The Elephant in The Room" by Dean Puckett.

Featuring reactions to the new film and an interview with the director.

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Peasants Revolt 2008

08-07-2008 10:08

The Peasants Revolt will be a Peaceful Protest of Individuals and Communities that will Represent the Voices of the UK Nomadic Cultures, the UK Homeless and the UK Communities and Individuals that Would Choose to Live a Lifestyle that is in Keeping with the Concept of Sustainable Development

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London Citizens' Zimbabwean Action day - Friday 11th July 2008

08-07-2008 09:58

Well, we know we have very different positions from Strangers into Citiziens...and not too keen to go to Church perhaps! nevertheless it is important to support the Zimbabweans many of whom are again facing deportation to face repression and torture at the hands of Mugabe.

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Around the Campaigns Tuesday 8th July 2008

08-07-2008 09:32

Bridget O'Koro and Osaivibie still here.
Rebecca & Darren gone but not forgotten
Prossy Kakooza wins latest battle with Home Office
Peter Gitau Gichura back in the wars