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Police block cause chaos on A13

10-09-2003 17:25

East london in traffic chaos as violent hierarchicalists block A13...

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party moved to park rather roughly

10-09-2003 17:12

lark in the park

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Rustbelt Remedy (part 1)

10-09-2003 16:53

The article is an analysis of how the informal economy becomes more
prominent in deindustrialising societies.

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Please come to demonstrate against Zionist brutality

10-09-2003 16:43

This is an urgent appeal for support against intimidation of pro-Palestinian protesters by Zionists and British nationalists.

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Economic Direct Action!

10-09-2003 16:41

Nov. 28-Dec.24, 2003-shut down corporate America!

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DSEI: Pictures from inside the arms fair set 2

10-09-2003 16:23

Second set of pictures shot inside the arms fair

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Deputy Mayor of London horrified after visit to Arms Fair

10-09-2003 16:20

London Assembly Green Group
news release
Green Group Press Office: 020 7983 4964/ 07810156886
Tuesday, 09 September 2003

Deputy Mayor of London horrified after visit to Arms Fair

London's Green Deputy Mayor Jenny Jones revealed she was "shocked, horrified and profoundly depressed" after her official visit to the arms fair in Docklands today.

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Meeting report: Sheffield Campaign Against Racism and Fascism

10-09-2003 16:10

We're working towards reversing the BNP’s gains in Sheffield in next year’s local and European elections.

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DSEI: Pictures from inside the arms fair

10-09-2003 16:07

5 pictures shot inside the arms fair

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street party on a13 (ish)

10-09-2003 15:56

back in the kettle ...

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Demonstrators arrested at Fluffy Dsei

10-09-2003 15:52

Arrestees update from Disarm Dsei demos Tues 9th Sept

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Mainstream support for Liberty

10-09-2003 15:48

Mainstream political pressure mounting against the polic

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A morning Storming the Death Fair

10-09-2003 15:19

If you want to get into an arms fair, you need to be flexible and use your initiative. This was proved to the delegates to the DSEi arms fair on Wednesday when protestors stopped their nice direct line to the Excel Centre (where DSEi is being held), the Docklands Light Railway. The protesters, on the other hand, have been moving around freely, storming, blockading and generally disrupting the arms fair.

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Veggie Bullets?

10-09-2003 15:19

US still trying to create Eco fireindly bullets!

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DSEI: Critical Mass Pictures

10-09-2003 15:04

7 pictures

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Video of DSEi Police Clash

10-09-2003 15:01

Footage (video to follow)...

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Fire Alarm Cops

10-09-2003 14:40

The following footage (video to follow)...

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Across London; another mass protest....

10-09-2003 14:34

While much indymedia uk attention is focussed on the events at DSEI, across the city, over 1000 pensioners have been massing at Parliament to demand their rights

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Pirates of the Caribbean - and the Curse of the WTO in Cancun

10-09-2003 14:33

Far out on an inaccessible causeway that reaches into the Gulf of Mexico, the World Trade Organization is preparing for its Fifth Ministerial meeting. Modern day pirates of the Caribbean are gathering on the shore to shiver the timbers of the WTO.