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Demonstrators arrested at Fluffy Dsei

sambaqueen | 10.09.2003 15:52 | DSEi 2003 | Anti-militarism | London

Arrestees update from Disarm Dsei demos Tues 9th Sept

Update on the legal situation of those whom were arrested yesterday at Fluffy Dsei.

There was a large number of arrests yesterday and all (I think) of those detained were taken to Charring Cross Police Station. Those detained were charged with a variety of Breach of the Peace, Criminal Damage, Obstructing the Highway and Assaulting a police officer. As far as I know only one person has been given conditional bail (i.e not to return to Dsei), everyone else seems to have received unconditional bail to appear on Tuesday 16th 9.30am at Stratford Magistrates in London.

Thank you to all those who came to play outside the police station yesterday.. it was really appreciated..and we can hear you inside. A copper said he couldn't believe how loyal the samba band was :) Also thank you to those who brought food and reading materials inside for us, it really made a difference and brightened up my dull cell. The police were a lot more respectful after that, especially when they saw photos of us all in yesterday's evening standard.

The police station was so overrun with arrested demonstrators that they ran out of cells which made for a more (given the circumstances)party atmosphere in there with lots of thumbs ups and winking going on.

To date there has been 91 arrests since the start of the arms fair.

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