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Police block cause chaos on A13

BBD | 10.09.2003 17:25 | DSEi 2003 | Anti-militarism | London

East london in traffic chaos as violent hierarchicalists block A13...

A massive block of black clothed violent hierarchicalists have caused major traffic chaos throughout east london as they blocked both sides of the A13 just north of Canning Town. Around 1,000 police, with around 50 vans, horses and helecopters have been menacing a small group of party goers (numbering around 50 to 100 at most) had been trying to turn off the A13 towards Excel when they were cordoned off by the violent police block. They were detained surrounded by police for over an hour while traffic tailed back for miles in all directions.

The chaoes caused by this mindless act by the police has no doubt pissed off lots of local people, commuters and delegates at the nearby Arms Fare who (if they had come by car) would have had a hell of a job to get out of the area.

Eventually the police brain realised the mess they were making and allowed the party go'ers to at least get off of the A13. They were then forced into a local park.

It must be said that the 3,000 odd coppers and security in the docklands area this weak, having harrased loads of innocent people every day (while seemingly failing to notice the invasion of Excel by paramilitary terrorists from around the world) have failed to prevent protesters from entering the arms fare and hanging a banner on a tank. Job well done...



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