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Ron Prosor, Israel’s 60th, the Queen and the Blitz

24-02-2008 20:34

Israel's PR ambasador to the UK recently meet the Queen and discussed her visiting Israel for its 60th birthday. Prosor tried to charm her compairing her experience in the blitz to the current experience of Israelis under Gazan rocket fire...

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Arab Leaders Warn Israel Over Belligerency

24-02-2008 20:28

The 'peace process' has always been a way for Israel to stall for time, but maintain positive PR and the appearance of a desire for peace, while it annexes more Palestinian land.

Israel is currently plotting wars on Gaza, Lebanon, Syria and Iran. Stopping them is the only way to avert disaster.

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Shell forecourt shutdown in Birmingham: Hands Off Iraqi Oil!

24-02-2008 20:17

Banner drop from Shell forecourt roof
On Saturday morning, 15 people shutdown a Shell petrol station for two hours in Kings Heath Birmingham to protest against multinational oil companies moves to steal Iraq's oil and defiantly show some solidarity with the Iraqi Oil Workers who are on the front line of this struggle.

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Dear Miss Nelson, You Are A Maltreater

24-02-2008 19:42

I have received your letter of last May, 16th 2001. I can’t help but showing my utmost astonishment for the things that you reveal in your letter and which stress your absolute confusion regarding the facts described and documentally proved over and over again, and beyond any reasonable doubt, in our previous reports and communications with your organization. For all of the above mentioned, I’ll try to summarize for you as briefly and concisely as possible:

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The Judge Accuses Camins To Inflict Torture And In

24-02-2008 19:28

A total of 13 civil employees of prisons of Quatre Camins is to a step to seat in the prisoners' dock. The Court of Instruction number 3 of Granollers considers that they could have committed a crime of tortures and another one of injuries the night of the 30 of April of 2004, when supposedly they offered beatings to a group of prisoners like retaliation to the happened riot hours before, in that was severely wounded the assistant director of internal regime. Between the defendant the director of the jail and the medical assistant director finguran at that time.

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Against Veronika Nelson And Gillian Fleming (A.I.)

24-02-2008 19:15


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Final Monday Love, 25th Feb, Camden

24-02-2008 19:00

Final Monday Love at The InSpiral Lounge, Camden Lock, bringing you the finest in uptown, underground, raise your spirit and blow your mind live music, film and real life grassroots media.

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Hands Off Iraqi Oil - Liverpool Picket

24-02-2008 17:14

Activists from the Liverpool Social Forum picketed the Shell garage on Aigburth Road yesterday, as part of Hands Off Iraqi Oil's day of action.

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US/NATO military shipping heroin out of Afghanistan

24-02-2008 16:53

The global proceeds of the Afghan drug trade is in excess of 150 billion dollars a year. There is mounting evidence that this illicit trade is protected by the US/NATO military.

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Gypsies in Italy: a disperate appeal

24-02-2008 16:32

EveryOne Group and other human rights associations are launching a desperate appeal to the international institutions asking them not to ignore the effects of a vast and ruthless racist campaign.

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Fidel Castro: Who wants to be in the Garbage Dump?

24-02-2008 15:54

Today, by mere chance, I remembered that the OAS still exists, when I read a cable posted on the Internet which contained an article by Georgina Saldierna, published in La Jornada, titled “Insulza rules out the possibility of re-admitting Cuba into the OAS”. No one even remembered the OAS. Note how retrograde this line of reasoning is.

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1st of March: Second National Day Of Action For Freedom Of Assembly

24-02-2008 15:52

Saturday 1st of March, top of Trafalgar Square (North side), 1 pm.

We Own The Streets - Campaign for Freedom of Assembly

It's time we had freedom to publicly assemble in the UK. The Campaign for Freedom of Assembly is calling for a second national day of action against the existing legislation restricting our freedom to protest around Parliament and its possible extension to the rest of the country.

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Oxford Animal Lab - Steris

24-02-2008 15:28


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Full Text: IAEA Report on Iran

24-02-2008 14:46

The IAEA's document in full, since much of what the media says comes from relatively few sources, and misrepresents what the report says, consistent with the media's overall treatment of this issue.

Note that the only outstanding issues are those arising from accusations made by Israel and the United States, and there is no evidence thus far to back them up.

Israeli Extremists STILL Trying to Start Iran War

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Sea Shepherd Finds Japanese Whaling Fleet: They Are On the Run Again

24-02-2008 14:29

Sea Shepherd In Persuit Of The Nisshin Maru

The Japanese whaling fleet is on the run again. The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society ship Steve Irwin re-located the Japanese whaling fleet at 0600 hours this morning, February 23, 2008.

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Talking (even more bollocks) About Cannabis

24-02-2008 14:23

We’ve been looking for a worthy adversery in the void ever since the Ukippers stopped biting and unfortunately Debra Bell is not one.

That said while she continues to spout unscientific drivel on her lame website (1) we’ll continue to expose her for the ignorant hypocrite she is.

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Solidarity Is Our Only Weapon

24-02-2008 14:09

Supporters of John Bowden demonstrate outside the Scottish Parliament
“The power of effective and dynamic prisoner support was, in my experience, never better illustrated than in the way a prison authority climbed down on this occasion, and it was an incredibly empowering experience to be a part of it.”
John Bowden

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Pics of "End the siege on Gaza" Demo

24-02-2008 12:57

Pics from the demo against the Gaza siege, Saturday 23rd February 2008, in front of Downing St.

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Ban the BNP

24-02-2008 02:43

Ban the BNP.

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Hands Off Iraqi Oil - London demo

23-02-2008 23:23

Pics from the corporate pirates' tour of the capital on the 'Hands Off Iraqi Oil' International Day of Action, Saturday 23 February 2008. They were protesting against the multinational oil companies' ongoing attempts to profit from the occupation and death of an estimated million people in Iraq by plundering the country's oil resources; a move strongly opposed by the Iraqi oil workers' unions and general populace.