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Federation of Teddy Protesters assert Freedom To Protest

03-11-2005 21:55

Federation of Teddy Protesters assert Freedom To Protest

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Abortion Survivor Speaks

03-11-2005 20:51

From Indymedia Ireland

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Call for International Solidarity Actions Against the Narmada Dam 23rd-27th Nov

03-11-2005 18:01

Call for International Solidarity Actions: 23-27th Nov. 2005
Celebrating 20 years of Resistance
Against the Narmada Dam!

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'Visit Dungavel' film screening in Glasgow

03-11-2005 17:38

Saturday 5th November
GFT, Rose Street, Glasgow
2pm, free entry

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03-11-2005 17:09

The July 2005 Solidarity Group, a support group for people arrested at the G8, has denounced the police publication of “Wanted” photos of anti G8 demonstrators. The Group states that they will support all facing charges arising from the G8 demonstrations, and calls for all charges to be dropped. Scotland against Criminalising Communities, a grass-roots organisation campaigning against the “anti-terrorism” laws, is supporting the stand of the July 2005 Solidarity Group.

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Comedia Activist wins Media Award

03-11-2005 16:38

Mark Thomas wins a MISTY

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The Great Betrayal!

03-11-2005 16:33

The Morning Star published a report by Age Concern on the 1/11/2005, on the growing isolation of our countries elderly population.

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CIA Holds Terror Suspects in Secret Prisons

03-11-2005 16:29

Salt Pit
American newspaper Washington Post publsihed an interesting article yesterday, 2nd November, about secret prisons run by the CIA on foreign soil. Unsurprisingly, the agency, as well as top US politicians, are trying hard to keep the information secret, as the article shows.

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Latest Corporate Watch news update

03-11-2005 15:41

Corporate Watch is a small independent research organisation, based in Oxford. We publish research to help those resisting corporate power -- check out

We also bring out a newsletter every two months, and a news update on web and email every two weeks. To subscribe to either of these, please see our website, or give us a call on 01865 791 391

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The US Elephant

03-11-2005 15:21

"The US elephant has grown into a monster of grotesque and obscene proportions. The special relations between the US and the United Kingdom in the last years have led to the deaths of thousands upon thousands.. All this happened under the sign of a moral crusade to bring peace & stability."

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Huge anti-fascist march in Leeds humiliates the 'master-race'.

03-11-2005 14:53

A section of the Leeds Student contingent marches to join the main protest.
Over 1000 anti-fascists gathered at the court in Leeds. Mass walkout of students march to join anti-fascist protest. Good presence of locals and Trades Unionists. Nazis pathetic protest in support of their mini-Fuhrer outnumbered and humiliated.Eggs and flour get Griffin. Nice one!

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bastards: GM maize

03-11-2005 13:34

reposted from biotech imc

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Secret police detain Kurzyniec / Poland

03-11-2005 12:51

Secret police detain Kurzyniec

02-11-2005 09:01

On 31.10.2005 Marek Kurzyniec, member of Polish Anarchist Federation and many pro-freedom and social initiatives, was detained in Krakow.
The detention was carried out by five secret police. They didn't give
any reason for the detention.

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REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals)

03-11-2005 12:14

Lobby MEPs to support this important legislation!

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Tarmac chalks up more national heritage destruction

03-11-2005 12:07

Yesterdays news told us that Archaeologists have unearthed what is thought to be the largest Neolithic settlement in Britain in Northumberland. What nobody was saying was that the site will be quarried in just a few short months.

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Starbucks- not in our neighbourhood

03-11-2005 12:02

speckled eggs are nice
Friday 28th of October 2005 saw local Sheffield groups standing up to the corporate giant 'Starbucks' invading their local communities.

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Israeli Sonic Booms Over Gaza

03-11-2005 11:50

Although it had evacuated its settlers and troops from the Gaza Strip earlier this year, Israel continues to control the territory's airspace, coastline and borders. It has also continued to carry out air raids against what it says are militant targets. What's more, Israeli jets are are now said to be flying regularly over the Palestinian land, with sonic booms designed to be a show of force.

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Conference on Chechnya, London, 25th Nov

03-11-2005 11:25

The UK-based charity MARCCH (Medical Aid and Relief for Children of Chechnya) in association Centre of Contemporary Central Asia & the Caucasus (SOAS) are organising their second Conference on Chechnya on Friday 25th November at the Brunei Gallery, SOAS.

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The Teddies are revolting!

03-11-2005 11:01

This weekend as many of you may already excitedly be aware the Teddy Bear's are having a picnic!

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Ofcom raids 44 pirate radio stations in London

03-11-2005 10:51

Ofcom today announces the results of an operation to take of air
broadcasters in Greater London. The news release can be found at: