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The Teddies are revolting!

Theodore Roosevelt | 03.11.2005 11:01

This weekend as many of you may already excitedly be aware the Teddy Bear's are having a picnic!

YA/If you go down to the woods today...

Dear Lovely People,

This weekend as many of you may already excitedly be aware the Teddy Bear's are having a picnic!

in Parliament Square!

BACKGROUND: In a clear sign of the times, the Teddys have recently announced[see above flier, spelt Teddy style] after a great and wide Federation of Teddy Protestor non-hierarchical consultation process they will now and
in the coming months in solidarity stand up and be counted against the powers that be and its unjust ways. yes ladies and gentlemen, we human beings may not be alowed to protest, but the cuddly toys certainly are not covered by s132 SOCPA*

INVITATION: So, please do help us by distributing this written invitation [including the marvellous flier thanks Janmaat and Sian] widely, and if you can come on down to Westminster/Parliament Square with your teddies [and
their teddy placards??]

DETAILS: Meet at 12 Noon on the Green opposite Big Ben this Sunday.
Bring the usual picnic fare, and more if you can as this is a very special occasion. And if you have a musical instrument, great, as the those groovy Teddys just love to dance. More info below!

PRESS RELEASE: Federation of Teddy Protesters assert Freedom To Protest

The Federation of Teddy Protesters are becoming increasingly unhappy with the way their furless friends, the Parliament Square Picnickers have been harassed by the Police since the introduction of the Serious and Organised Crime and Police Act (2005) this year. This draconian law forbids demonstrations within 1km of parliament without the prior ‘authorisation’ of the Police. To date we believe that
they have made at least 19 arrests, age 17 to 70, and possibly more.

For Winnie the Poohh's sake, at least six of those arrested were friends of ours the Parliament Square Picnickers! Their crime? Simply daring to eat cakes with ‘Freedom to Protest’ and ‘Save our Speech’ written on them in icing, for wearing t-shirts with slogans such as ‘Make Trade Fair’ and ‘Peaceful protest is an essential part of democracy’, for discussing the important issues of the day at their ‘people’s commons’, for clapping in a provocative manner and generally drinking tea without permission. Even T-shirts and art supplies have been seized as evidence.

Being inanimate objects and therefore not subject to this outrageously undemocratic legislation the Federation of Teddy Protesters (FTP, in solidarity with the fledgling civil rights movement here in the UK) have decided
to support their comrades by staging a ‘Teddyblairs Picnic’ this Sunday at noon in Parliament Square. Therefore we call on all free thinking Teddies, and their human buddies who value free speech, and the right to drink any beverage without authorisation in front of the 'Mother of All Parliaments' to join us in tea, cakes, singing, party games and silly peaceful protest.

BREAKING NEWS: this just in the Teddys have just now made an
electrifying debut appearance on Al Jazeera [this just reported on Indymedia in Dubai in the last few hours] stating that they will be making a revolutionary declaration on the big day. They also urged all free thinking fun loving
peaceful people to join them in saying NO! to s132 of SOCPA. Repeal this legislation!

So, dear sweet folks, please do pass on this invitation and statement on to all who might be interested!

* for more info on this law and on our weekly event, please check out our new dazzling new [fledgling] site
and also our old scrappy [but still rather delightful] one

.. be sure of a big surprise!

Theodore Roosevelt